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Anti-Snoring Eating Habits: Sleep Tight By Eating These Foods

Can't #sleep at night no matter what you do? Make a simple lifestyle change, and eat the right type of foods that help you fall asleep at night! Your diet plays an integral role for your body's well being,. It has a strong impact on not only your health, but also the quality of your sleep at night. Read our blog article to see what you should eat and foods to AVOID for a better night's rest.

#snoring #howtostopsnoring #stopsnoring #healthydiet #bettersleep #sleephealth

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Can Dentists Treat Sleep Apnoea? A Dentist's Role For Your Treatment

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, one of the first things you can do is visit your local dentist! This might sound unusual, but dentists can actually treat mild forms of sleep #apnoea, through the use of oral devices to alleviate snoring and other inconsistent breathing patterns. Read more about how dentists are involved in #OSA treatment on our blog article!

#sleepapnoea #sleepapnea #obstructivesleepapnoea #osatreatment 

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The Treatment Options For Sleep Apnoea

The two main methods of treatment for #OSA are in the form of #CPAP machines and dental appliances. Both are effective, with the former used more frequently for serious cases of OSA. Patients show significant improvement in the quality of #sleep and better heart variability. See which treatment option might suitable for you with our #infographic!

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Australian guide to sleep awareness events in 2016

There are 3 major #events which will take place in Australia this year, all with the aim of promoting sleep awareness which also highlights the potential health problems that comes with poor sleep or broken sleeping patterns. Educate yourself on the benefits of sleep, and how you can manage sleep disorders. If you’re suffering in your sleep, seek advice from your dentist or sleep specialist!

#WorldSleepDay   #SleepAwarenessWeek   #BetterSleepBetterLearning   #SleepHealth   #SleepDisorders   #SoundSleeper  

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OSA Case Study: A Patient with High Blood Pressure

Find out how Dr David Norcross, a Sound Sleeper dentist, solved an ongoing health issue for one of his patients who was suffering from high blood pressure. The structure of his jaw and signs of grinding his teeth gradually led to the discovery of the patient’s diagnosis obstructive sleep apnoea (#OSA), which was the cause of breathing problems and uneasy sleep.

#SleepApnoea   #ObstructiveSleepApnoea   #HighBloodPressure   #SleepApnoeaDiagnosis   #SleepApnoeaTreatment   #SoundSleeper  

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The link between Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Memory Loss

The physical obstruction of the breathing passages not only interferes with your sleep but also decreases the oxygen levels in your blood system. Research shows that oxygen desaturation as a result of untreated sleep apnoea can also impair brain function and lead to memory loss.

#SleepApnoea   #ObstructiveSleepApnoea   #OSA   #UntreatedSleepApnoea   #MemoryLoss   #AlzheimersDisease   #SleepApnoeaTreatment   #SoundSleeper  

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The Best Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?

#OSA is a condition that can affect anyone, but not a lot of people know how to diagnose and address this issue. Find out how to identify people who might be suffering, and treatment methods available to combat this problem.

Read the full post on our website, or contact Sound Sleeper to send us a message, and get more information on sleep apnoea.

#SleepApnoea #ObstructiveSleepApnoea #SleepApnoeaTreatment #SoundSleeper

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Say hello to our new Sound Sleeper blog!

Sound Sleeper aim to connect with affected patients and provide them with the latest news and articles. Join us in tackling through topics and keep on top of the most current trends and treatments available.

We are fully committed to the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (#OSA), and promoting its awareness and impact. Visit our website, or contact us online for more!

#SleepApnoea #SleepApnoeaTreatment #SoundSleeper

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