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IE need steroids. a water gun haha...
Is AOL's browser a leaking water baloon?
Looks like this is becoming quite popular among my peers :-) (See the ripple!)
IE is potentially the most dangerous one, because you can load it with piss.
IE is worst for developer! IE is nightmare for JavaScript developer.
am i trippin or are those the guns from RE4?
But yes IE is good to download other browser ...
Raul S
M 16 is best...sniper,launcher,machine gun...all in one.....:-)
secure,reliable, faster and customizable........:-)
disagree with the firefox and google comparison. should be the other way around

Overall rating
Hahahaha...this made my day..
Not Fair, Firefox, is Something like extra ordinary. More suitable, and Flexible for all your requirement's. For All your App.s
Good Graphical analogy of browsers, though peer reviewed pages have something else to offer in results, will try to edit this comment and share the link later.
Don't underestimate opera. It's a great browser, perhaps ahead of all others. Also, no firefox. It has started sucking and slow like hell on my old machine.
haha :) amaizing idea :)
haha nice one !!
+1 to firefox being on the downhill, they really need to slim it down, it's fast fading into obscurity. The only reason to use safari is if you use OSX, and then Chrome still (for me) just takes the cake. As to Opera, I don't really have an opinion.
That really sums it all :)
Poor IE. I dont understand why its still used by a most people around the world.....
This is why because its the default Windows browser and majority of Net surfers aren't matured 'bout Browsers. So they rely on IE.
so IE is very light and Chrome is the heavier
+Sag-e-Attar Junaid Atari Its not because they "aren't matured 'bout Browsers' it because (a) Most Enterprises are still heavily reliant on M$ for its services, SharePoint, Exchange, IIS, System Centre etc. and they run a flavour of Windows on the desktop so its easier for the IT staff to use default config's as much as possible so the browser can be controlled centrally via Group Policies and (B) because of (a) its the browser the staff know best, so when they go home why make it difficult for themselves and to be honest most users don't care as long as they can get to where they need to go within a few seconds
shi he bhai
ye sab auzar he jo dusara aadami door se affect karta he
this is riiiiiiiiight imagination
@Sudhanshu Kumar: I Don't think the M16 is faster than the MiniGun ;)
internet EXPLODER ....nothing more to say
it is an accurate review of IE :))))
it is also obvious which better all-around - light, precise, firepower - FIREFOX!!!! :)
Yeah! IE is like a child toy!
no doubt , chrome is the best,....
yeah, before using Chrome, I loved firefox, but now is Chrome
LOL opera is a sniper/hunting rifle? - its the worst browser on Windows. Half the internet doesent render properly, its slow, its ugly, it crashes a lot.
Since when is twitter a browser?
hey bagwan ... somebody tel dis lady dat twitter is not a explorer......
people who used windows, used IE too. yep, IE for download chrome at first time :D
Internet exploading loading loading loading..........
I WANT! the T-shirt.............

internet explorer goes on the back!
Its nice to know your fun-side.Wish you are not after me, after this comments comming across upon or against you. Just from this very moment you are going down the step's of your outlook. Wish you taken one-step at a time instead of leaping and skipping and hopping without knowing the beauty of falling down when you were trying to standup with the help of a support of your loved ones in your infant day's.Remnicize those wonderful days of your growingup or before transforming to a man who stand for his individuality...By +Naveen Kandi
would switch places between first two
Because I can choose a custom background in Opera I would switch the Firefox gun with the Opera one and the fact that Opera comes with a download manager i reackon it takes out Chrome
about "internet explorer", thats RIGHT
i like IE, i've always used but i am starting to waver towards Goggle Chrome.
i like to chrome very power full gun so only
believe me a water gun works better than IE
just exaggerate

Firefox is better than all
cant agree anymore!!! office IE6 sucks....
-1 for associating browsers with firearms. Browser let you connect you with other people and spread information to each part of the world. Firearms let you kill other people and spread destruction to each part of the world.
As I said on the person I said this with, I'd switch Chrome and Opera because Chrome is more specific and lightweight and Opera is more overkill (in a good way)... And I'd have IE leaking water out the bottom.
my university still has IE on all the computers....
...and textbrowsers are slings with handgranades?
I'll take the mini gun.... 
Tor (the onion router a.k.a. The version of Firefox that Anonymous (hacktivist group) uses) can only the sniper that nobody ever sees.
Naja bei Safari geh ich aus religiösen Gründen nicht mit :-)
Eric S
Yeah, Um, firefox would be the big gun. Chrome browser is more like a 38 special, light, tiny, fast, but nothing in power compared to firefox.
Based off this it seems to suggest opera as the best.
So... Chrome as very fast shooter. Firefox as the multi-usage gun. No need to explain IE. ^^ Safari, well, i guess it is about the style. Why a snipper for Opéra ?
So I guess old Spry Mosaic would be a stone axe?
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