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If you're looking to pick up a tablet, but the iPad isn't weird enough for you, Soulja Boy has got you covered. The new Tiger Shark Soulja Boy Edition is just what you need to puzzle and disgust your ...
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15 comments realize that website is making fun of you and your branded tablet, right?
+Zach Day hahaha, they didn't just make fun of him. They bashed his face into the mud...
I'm sorry and I'm not hatin on anybody gettin money but this dude's past and present music is an embarrassment to anyone from Louisiana.  I've been in the industry since '97 and this is NOT rap or hip should have it's own club music or somethin........I'm just sayin!
Hey SOULJA BOY I have gransons your age. While they are making fun you are makeing paper. GOD Bless u and your family.
are you kidding me? More shit we don't need. Sellout Boy don't care about you or any of us. But there are people out there who will pay for his advertising just to impress more people who don't care about them. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
little hate love.. maybe hes onto something
little   hate  love   maybe    hes   noto   something 
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