It was claimed that the similarities of isotopes on earth and the moon prove the moon was caused by collision with a proto-planet. Then it was declared that the isotopes are too alike and that, if another body struck the earth, its special isotopes should be evident, too. Only a couple of weeks ago, the PhysOrg website ran an article that admited that for a century of more, scientists assumed earth had the same composition as chondritic meteorites, only because they were the easiest to assay! And, about the same time, it was admitted that the age of some rocks will have to be altered because "science" didn't calculated the half life of samarium 146! All you need for that is to bring a sample of samarium into a laboratory and monitor decay incidents! And, recently, questions have arisen about whether cells in birds' beaks identified by "science" as being used for navigation might actually be part of the immune system. And, now, a "study" says that "scientific" assumptions held for a century or more that human expressions mean the same everywhere are false. It can be even easier to ascertain the truth about that than the half life of samarium! The fact is that "science" is continually changing its mind. Shills for "science" say that that is a sign of its superiority, the fact that it's willing to admit when it's wrong. Anything that gets things wreong as often as "science" does is a flawed system to begin with! What's more, if they are willing to admit their error now, they were more than eager to present themselves as completely reliable and without fault when the first claim was made! "Science" cannot be trusted.



This the problem with not understanding science and confusing it with religion.
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