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I love table-top gaming that provides a true challenge to both the players and the GM
I love table-top gaming that provides a true challenge to both the players and the GM

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So after doing a little research, I see that Against the Axis unfortunately didn't fund when it was on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Are there any plans to do another KS or still release it?

I have plans to (roughly and loosely) convert an old D&D module and run it using Dungeon World. I know lots of folks have tread these waters before me, and I come hat in hand, seeking some advice!

We've got some great guidelines in the book itself (and in the online Gazetteer) on how to convert monsters and other creatures (or just use the ones in the book) which is great.

Where I'm struggling specifically is in regards to converting the mountains of cash this module is throwing at the potential characters. For instance, one room has 6100 electrum pieces and 600 platinum pieces. Cool, alright. 

Are there any rough currency conversion guidelines someone out there has cooked up? I don't need to be spot on here, but just a rough "1 platinum is like 10 coins" or something would be great. Thanks!

I've been tearing through my copy of Dungeon World lately looking for a specific passage.

I remember it in passing and it essentially said, "There are many mages and lesser practitioners of magic in the world, but you are THE Wizard." (It may not have been the wizard exactly, but that's how I recall it.)

Basically, I'm looking for where in the book that sentiment of being THE exceptional warrior or magic user or whatever is what sets the PCs apart from the NPCs. Does anyone know where this is located?


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I've not seen it posted yet, so here you go! There is a conversation taking place over on that asks the question "Is Kickstarter killing the 'Friendly Local Gaming Store'?"

I think it's definitely an interesting debate to have, but people in this thread are all speaking from a position of "authority" with very strong opinions and not a lot of back it up.

That said, I think there are some really interesting ideas and opinions being bandied about, though none that really hit the nail on the head for me.

So, Kicksnarker community, what do you think?

I got my copy of Magic World in the mail today and I can't wait to dig into it. 

Anything I should know before doing so?

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So today has been a very interesting day. 

I backed Inverse World on Kickstarter back in May and have been very enthusiastic about the project itself. I backed it at a physical copy and the pdf. The Kickstarter can be found here:

The pdf was due in July and the hardcover in October.

Now, I understand that most Kickstarters reach too far and end up late. That's fine. As long as there is open communication between the creators and the backers. Backers are,  let's face it, producers in this situation, hiring the creator for a project. It's a bit simplistic, but it works for our purposes. If you want to call Kickstarter a pre-order site, that also works.  

So, real quick: Late project? It's okay if there is communication. Late project? No communication? Bad.

Now when I say communication I mean on the Kickstarter site itself. Because let's face it, if that's where I'm giving you my money, that's where I deserve to at least get my information from. I should not have to hunt it down on G+ or Twitter. It just seems like common courtesy.

The last official Kickstarter update was on October 13th and they released a new playbook and talked about how an art-lite pdf would be released soon. For posterity's sake, this never happened. The only things received by backers the initial playbooks with some minor refinements, but those were immediately available in May to anyone who backed. So to me that doesn't count for much.

Anyways, I've been asking every month or so on G+ for updates and usually they came in the form of "soon" or "in the next few days" or "next week." Sadly, none of these promises for updates, a pdf, an art-lite pdf, or anything ever materialized. The only news we as backers received was when we asked for it. It was sadly never just volunteered.

Sometimes these requests for information were answered with the above examples of "answers" other times ignored entirely. In fact, one of the creators (whose name is on the Kickstarter page) has essentially dropped off the face of the earth. Which is concerning to me and several other backers, but more on that later.

So my most recent request for information came three days ago on 12/15. The request for information, an update, anything was ignored despite many people on the G+ Inverse World community +1-ing it or /sub-ing it. I requested information again today. You can read the whole thread here:

Finally one of the two creators, Brandon Schmelz, took to responding and gave the response of "in the next few days." A response that had been heard countless times before, sadly. So I responded with a detailed list dating back months showing the number of times we had heard that answer and had nothing to show for it. All the while re-stating my excitement for the project.

Now, one of Brandon's prominent excuses for having a late project stemmed from "personal troubles." And you know what? That happens. The world sucks sometimes and bad luck can hit at the worst possible times. I genuinely hope that these "personal troubles" get resolved because it really sucks when life kicks you when you are down.

Now, while I am incredibly supportive of both creators having "personal troubles" at the same time I begin to wonder. One creator picked up the reins from a fallen Kickstarter that had blown all of their money during their time of troubles. They also had time to design other games. And release new material on Drive Thru RPG under their game company's banner. (Now, to be fair, some of this new material happens to be authored by someone else, so I'm not sure how much the creator in question had to do with it.)

That all seems a bit suspect to me and it really seems as if the creators took on much more than they could handle. Hence the project being almost half a year late. Especially when we were told months ago that the artwork and the text itself were almost done. It's all very confusing and largely concerning. Rightfully so at that.

So words were had back and forth on the above linked thread with one backer stating that out of lack of communication on the Kickstarter page, which is where communication should be coming from, he had grown concerned enough to hire a private investigator to make sure they were alive and/or alright. 

Now, I do find that creepy. And have stated so multiple times. But I can understand the concern of the other project backer.

Brandon Schmelz (@tablehop on Twitter) ran to Twitter to immediately begin disparaging his backers for 1) the audacity to ask for updates and 2) having a backer threaten to "stalk" him. Now, you can read the thread that I linked to above and see that there was never a threat at all to "stalk" him by said backer.

If anything, it looks like Brandon found himself in over his head and when called on it lashed out at anyone and everyone he could, seeing this all as a personal attack. Which, to anyone reading the context, knows that this isn't the case at all. He was claiming he was being stalked and attacked.

I replied to one of Brandon's tweets and stated that while the private eye thing is creepy, it's worse to take people's money and then not communicate with them on an incredibly late project. Keep in mind that we are waiting on a pdf. This isn't print difficulties. It's a pdf.

Brandon apparently took issue with a backer having the audacity to request information (me in this case) and calling him out for a floundering project. He re-Tweeted many of my tweets to him and used this as an excuse to mobilize his Twitter followers against me by misquoting and misrepresenting things that I said. Seriously. Or just taking things completely out of context as an excuse to paint me as some sort of... I don't know, "stalking apologist." Which, again, contextually if you read what is written, is far from the fact.

For the next half hour or so I was inundated with Brandon's re-Tweets and personal attacks from him and his followers. I remained calm and level-headed the entire time, not stooping so low as to make personal attacks. It's funny though, that Brandon claimed to be attacked and then lead an attack on me. There is some sort of irony to that level of hypocrisy.

I ended up having to perform a mass blocking of people, which is truly unfortunate.  Prior to this the only people I had blocked were those pesky spammers that randomly send you links. Now I can add people who harass and organize concentrated harassment to the list.

Since then Brandon has stated that I'm getting a refund on his project, which at this point I am fine with. I am still genuinely disappointed by the actions of the creators and the lack of real communication on their part as I was incredibly enthusiastic for this project. Now after having been personally attacked by one of the creators and their followers on Twitter? Considerably less so.

I hope that Brandon gets the help he needs and that his backers get the project they invested their hope and money in.

If anything, this has been a very hands-on lesson on how not to run a Kickstarter.

Notice: I am leaving comments open, but if you use this as a forum to attack either me or the creators of Inverse World I will block you and/or delete your comments. We are better than that, so let's not stoop to their level. Personal attacks are not cool. 

Also, please, please, please do not use this as an excuse to mobilize against Brandon. He did that to me, and frankly that is not cool. I don't want anyone subjecting him to it either.

Hey +Simon Washbourne,

Any word on when you plan on putting BoL Mythic Edition out? I know months ago you had mentioned possibly running a Kickstarter. 

Looking forward to purchasing it anyway! Just don't want to miss it!


Hey +Brandon Schmelz and +Jacob Randolph it has been 2 months since the last update on the Kickstarter page. Myself and a few others have asked here on the G+ page about updates and we've gotten a few promises that updates are coming.

I'm incredibly excited about this project, but I'm starting to become less so simply because of the late nature of the project and the utter lack of communication. This is disappointing guys, you are better than that. I don't like having to feel like a "bad guy" asking about status updates, but I feel like that is what it has come to. And that sucks. What's worse is that I know I'm not the only one that feels like that.

Gents, we need an update. An art-lite pdf. Something. And sooner rather than later, especially since the pdf is now five months late. You need to give us something because it's hard to keep enthusiasm about Inverse World high when we've got absolutely nothing to go on.

I have delved pretty deep recently into RuneQuest, Glorantha's lore (of which is almost overwhelming,) and BRP.

Really liking the feel and concept of the system. I read through Mongoose's RQ SRD and while a bit bland, it was a very informative document. Also checked out the BRP Quick Start, which is simply brilliant. It comes with four scenarios of various genres to play. Really liked it.

But when coming to which version of BRP/RuneQuest/OpenQuest/Legend (see... the list goes on and on but luckily they are all basically interchangeable) I was stumped. I ended up getting Chaosium's Magic World and can't wait for it to arrive.

I will say that while I have found LOADS of information on various places online, it doesn't appear that the community is very large or active. Anyone know of any good RQ-esque game places to check out to read up some more? I'm already a part of a few G+ Communities and am subbed to a few sub-reddits.

So I recently was pointed in the direction of RuneQuest and I have to say, I'm very intrigued.

So those of you who are RQ fans, if you don't mind, tell me about the merits and flaws of the system. What is a good jumping on point?

I've heard that RQ6 is supposed to be good. But I've also heard of OpenQuest. 

What does an RQ neophyte need to know?

Edit to add
I found and have been lightly reading through the RQ SRD so I kind of have an idea of what is the premise of the system.
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