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So Today is "International Happiness Day"

Now I have been trying to think of something which has genuinely made me fill with joy today

and here it is...

Just went to make myself a cup of tea in the kitchen with my phone in my hand, as I reached the worktop my phone decided to jump out of my hand. 

Now 2 things in my mind could have happened here.....:(

1 - The phone hits the floor unprotected and I get one of the stylish cracked screens which everyone raves about when you have an iPhone.

2 - The phone goes into the bowl full of water in the sink and it would either short out or have to spend the night in a bag of rice :/

Thankfully there was a third option!!!

3 - I manage as the phone was on its way towards the floor to hit it with my left hand where it gently meets the worktop after only falling 5cm's and then slides along the worktop to a standstill next to the kettle.

Happiness achieved.....Level Up!

See... not only can I juggle my mobile device, my creative business Sorbrook can also juggle a huge amount of creative expertise under one roof :)

Come and have a peek.  

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We have just been given our invite code for Google Helpouts!

So what does this mean?

Sorbrook will soon be offering small bite sized live training videos for everything from websites, wordpress and social media.

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Merry Christmas Everyone, We will be working up to 12pm on Christmas Eve and then we won't be back in the office until 10am Monday 6th January 2014. We will of course be monitoring emails throughout the festive period just to make sure everything is as it should be.

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Starting to build up a bit of a portfolio for Photography com e and check it out. #photography   #banbury

We are running a Social Networking Course on Friday 15th for those of you who are still struggling to get to grips with your tweets, likes, follows, circles, pins and posts. To find out more follow the link :) 

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The New Sorbrook Branding Project for 2013 is under way 

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Creative Stream is out - Your paper detailing all that is fresh about brand and design

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Need some FREE help with your branding for your new business? give these blogs a whirl. -

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"hatstand aardvark biscuit-barrel" what could that be? Find out here! -
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