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Soraya Darabi

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Soraya Darabi

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Wabi-sabi is not the absence of beauty, but rather a reframing of it. Eschewing common Western ideals of what is beautiful, wabi-sabi seeks beauty in the flawed—in the overlooked, subtle details. At its quintessence is the idea of finding beauty imperfection—in the crevices, the wrinkles and the cracks. It’s the grit in a singing voice, the crackle of an old vinyl record, a knot in a piece of wood, a gapped-tooth grin, or the dog-eared pages of a...
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Soraya Darabi

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At his firm, Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capitalist routinely lays out “what will happen in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.” Credit Photograph by Joe Pugliese
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Soraya Darabi

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Thank you Ecouterre !
When is a T-shirt more than just another T-shirt? For ethical e-tailer Zady, the perfect topper is one that is as beautiful as the journey it took to create it. The latest in its in-house "Essentials" collection, Zady's .02 T-Shirt is as defined by its rolled-and-tacked sleeve, slightly oversize ...
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Soraya Darabi

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+Fran Hauser's latest for Levo League is chalk full of great advice for budding entrepreneurs.  
Congratulations! You’ve made the leap from thinking about starting a company to actually starting one. It’s an exciting time and you have lots to do. One of your key activities will no doubt be raising some kind of investment. Getting a meeting with an investor to pitch your idea is a critical st...
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Soraya Darabi

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To see +Zady, the brand we began in a 1-bedroom New York apartment two years ago, profiled in the Sunday Business Section of +The New York Times is truly overwhelming. Thank you to my alma mater for sharing our story with the world. 
A new era of authenticity says +The New York Times. We are honored to be profiled in leading this movement.
Companies are highlighting their heritage as a way to attract shoppers who value ritual and tradition.
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Soraya Darabi

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Lifestyle destination and slow-fashion crusader Zady first spearheaded the “Sourced In” movement last year, which demanded that brands be transparent about each step of the apparel-making process and be held accountable for environmental and ethical practices. To prove that it practices what it preaches, the brand launched its own private Essentials Collection, complete with behind-the-scenes …
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Soraya Darabi

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Fisher talks with Fast Company about sustainable fashion and simple living at the premiere of documentary The True Cost.
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Soraya Darabi

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Congratulations to my friend Francine on her wonderful essay in the Huffington Post detailing the good work her organization, Same Sky, does for ex-offender women entrepreneurs in Jersey City.   
Working is critical: Many owe significant fines, court fees, and 85% of female ex-offenders have children to support. But for ex-offenders, getting a job through normal channels is next to impossible -- many lack hard skills and work experience, with...
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Soraya Darabi

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+Richard Beaven and his wife Mimi are living out my dream.  
A Family Farm and Delicious Food
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Soraya Darabi

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Salt and ketchup are no longer just for your french fries, you can also use them to clean your rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Here are some eco-friendly methods to try at home to clean your bling without having to buy a thing
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Minneapolis, MN - State College, PA - Washington, D.C. - Fiesole, Italy
Co-founder of Zady -- Join the slow fashion revolution!
Zady began with a grand vision: to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction.

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