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Tidal power, finally!

This is exciting news: tidal turbines may be leaving the experimental phase and heading to production soon. Those dreams of offshore tidal-powered data centers and powerhouses for the (stormy) world are a step closer to reality.

Offshore power has always been a challenge - thanks to the harsh marine weather conditions. It is certainly exciting to see a first turbine pass the tests, but also leaves some interesting questions open: are such turbines compatible with marine ecosystems, or will we be eliminating too much wildlife along the way? What is the life span and maintenance costs of such a generator, and will it be able to recoup its costs without government subsidies? How can these generators be most effectively tethered to the powwer grid?

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hmm i always focused more on the tidal differential in large bodies like Bay of Fundy ,, as being more lucrative ?
+barqzr davi I don't think Scotland is allowed to use the bay of fundy... but maybe other countries will follow suite.
loloz , :)) i just hadn't thought of static pressure as viable when we have such huge captive differential potential
+barqzr davi so... when is your canadian startup installing the first tidal differential power generator? ;))
lmao , i didn't know "Canadian" and "startup" could be used in the same sentence +Sophie Wrobel
hmm i do not have "google mobile" or any smart tech on my phone , use i google for chat
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