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Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses

To make things a bit easier for companies looking to get on the social media landscape, the team at The Whole Brain Group have put together their social media marketing checklist, which helps businesses take a sensible approach to setting goals on the most popular social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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The BIG question about the Apple Watch.  Will it blend?  of course it will :-)
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Sophie Massé

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It's Earth Day! Celebrate our home planet with us by sharing pictures and video of your favorite place on Earth. Just be sure to include the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome – no matter what social media platform you’re posting on. Check in to see what people around the world are sharing. After Earth Day, we’ll compile a video that includes some of the best posts throughout the day. Details:

#EarthDay #EarthRightNow
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Great article and great resource. Thanks for sharing, Sophie. 
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Google Webmasters originally shared:
Our #MobileMadness campaign prepares you to optimize your site for mobile devices. But don't stop there! Have you optimized your site for the moon yet?

Check if your site is #moonfriendly

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Sophie Massé

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I really like our blue planet #newhorizons   #pluto  
A view of Pluto and Charon as they would appear if placed slightly above Earth's surface and viewed from a great distance.
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SEO At A Glance

In order for your #website and company to succeed online, optimizing it for #SEO is important. SEO helps you rank higher in search engines like #Bing and #Google. Take a quick glance at this #infographic and ensure your #business is ready for SEO!

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Comprehensive list of Apple Watch apps?

OK, so seeing as we're supposed to be a community, it would be good to see if we can put our collective genius together to assemble a comprehensive list of Apple watch apps. The article below is a good start, and I have transcribed the apps mentioned into the list below.

Feel free to chip in with others as you come across them and I will add them to this list:

Social Networking

Feed Wrangler - Read the latest news stories from all your RSS feeds
Yahoo News Digest - Get notified twice daily of the top stories around the world.
NPR One - NPR One makes public radio personal, with news and stories curated for you.
CNN - Get breaking and developing news across 12 personalized categories.
NYTimes - See the top headlines and receive breaking news on your Apple Watch.
AccuWeather - Weather reports and forecasts.

Health & Fitness
Fitness Spades - Turn your body weight workouts into a game to keep you motivated.
Nike+ - Track your runs and get extra motivation through notifications.
Run 5K - Go from the couch to running a 5K with this fitness app.
Slopes - Track skiing and snowboarding speed and other stats using GPS.
The Whole Pantry - This app combines whole food recipes with lifestyle and wellness guides.
WaterMinder - Keeps track of your water intake and get reminders to drink enough water.
Runtastic - Track speed, distance, duration, pace, even how many calories burned.
Lifesum - Easily track how much food and water you've had during the day.
Strava - Real-time stats like elevation gain, average speed and heart rate during your ride or run.
BACtrack - Track blood alcohol content with this app and hardware sold separately.

BetterWorks - Monitor project progress at work, set goals, and keep others in the loop.
EasilyDo - Organize your life with notifications that give useful info wherever you are.
Launch Center Pro - Create multi-step tasks and launch them with a touch of your finger.
Todoist - Check off to-do items and use the microphone to assign due dates for tasks.
Evernote - Dictate a quick note, view recent notes, set reminders and find notes made near you.
Salesforce - Customer relationship management app that gives you a snapshot of your business analytics
Invoice2go - Track your time on the job with this app that uses geofencing to remind you start the clock.
CommitTo3 - Create groups who collectively commit to that day's three most important tasks.
Day One - Journal/Notes/Diary app and notifications.
Trello - See project notifications or add comments to cards direct from your wrist. - Word of the day and dictionary voice search.

American Airlines - Check in to your flight, see if it's on time, and see how far away your gate is.
Citymapper - Uses real-time route and timetable data to show when your bus/train arrives.
Starwood SPG - Unlock your hotel room with your watch.
TripAdvisor - Find dozens of things to do while discovering a new town.
Expedia - Check itineraries for your upcoming trips and get detailed flight and hotel information.
British Airways - Stores Passbook boarding cards and booking details for British Airways flights.
easyJet - Stores Passbook boarding cards and booking details for easyJet flights.

ESPN - Get sports notifications to get the scores for your favorite teams At Bat - Check the schedule, get live updates, and view stats for your teams.

BMW i3 Remote - Check remaining power, whether the doors are locked and more for your BMw i3.
Hyundai BlueLink - Connect to your Blue Link equipped Hyundai vehicle.
Uber - Get quick access to a ride and get the model of the car so you know who to look out for.

Home Automation
Honeywell - Control your Honeywell home system from your Apple Watch.
Lutron - Control your home's lights, shades, temperature and more. - Check the status of your home alarm and view cameras hooked in to the system.

Target - Go through your shopping list at the store and get reminders when you get close to items.
Expedia - Check itineraries for your upcoming trips and get detailed flight and hotel information.
Redfin - Shop for real estate listings, view photos of homes and map their locations.
Fandango - Purchase tickets, to display the movie time, theater location and theater phone number.
Etsy - Shopping and shipping data for the website.

TuneIn Radio - Control Internet radio station playback from your watch.
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Thanks for re-sharing - I've added some more to the list since too.
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Sophie Massé

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3445 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, QC H2X 2H6
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Un service professionnel et rapide. Je les recommandes pour vos besoins d'entreprise en fibre optique à Montréal ainsi que pour la fiabilité de leur centre de données.
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