I am pissed off - just got new Sherlock Holmes movie Game of Shadows on Blu-Ray. I bought this version, because it said it was a triple play, i.e. had the digital copy and DVD with it. Well, it had the DVD, but, as usual the bloody film industry is trying to hold onto its copyright and the digital copy, which I wanted to put onto my computer, is linked to something called ultraviolet and a whole bundle of s/w I don't want to install on my computer (it's limited to 5 downloads as well, whatever that means). Frankly, I'll just go rip the DVD so I can watch it on my computer, an extra pain, but a lot less than all the signing in and s/w downloading that is required to get the digital copy. It's another one of those situations where fear of pirates has made it more inconvenient for the buyer - what if I didn't have an internet connection?!

So I just want to say to the paranoid bastards in the film industry: I bought the bloody disc, folks, y'know, I'm not a pirate, I did the legal thing and I just want to watch what I bought, you have really annoyed me by putting in another level of copy protection and hoops to jump through.
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