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Customised Sound Profile Switch

Unfortunately, we don't have a quick approach to the very convenient Silence/Vibration/Sound in Lollipop. But no worries, tasker will give what you need, and better.

Let's start with the actions.

Apparently we need an action to silence the phone. It looks like:
A1: Interrupt Mode [ Mode:Priority ] 
A2: Silent Mode [ Mode:Vibrate ] 
A3: Media Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A4: DTMF Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A5: Notification Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A6: Ringer Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A7: Notification Pulse [ Set:On ] 
A8: System Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A9: Alarm Volume [ Level:0 Display:Off Sound:Off ]
I call this action "Total Silence".

And then we need a second action to set the sound volume to a normal profile. Like:
A1: Interrupt Mode [ Mode:All ] 
A2: Silent Mode [ Mode:Off ] 
A3: Media Volume [ Level:5 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A4: DTMF Volume [ Level:5 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A5: Notification Volume [ Level:5 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A6: Ringer Volume [ Level:3 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A7: Notification Pulse [ Set:On ] 
A8: System Volume [ Level:5 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 
A9: Alarm Volume [ Level:7 Display:Off Sound:Off ]
I call this "Normal".

Now let's go to the switch.
There's several ways to do it:
1 two tasker shortcuts (it's not a switch, of course)
2 a tasker scene to trigger two different actions
3 (which I preferred)Minimalistic Text Widget to display the sound volume information as well trigger different tasker actions by single-tap or double-tap. 
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My Android Apps List

The killer app for Android definitely is Tasker.
Tasker is the Android app you couldn't miss. It will save you a lot time by automatically doing things.

1 The basic apps developed by Google:
Drive, Keep, Calendar, Inbox, Map, and etc.

2 To communicate:
Hangouts, Messenger(a new message app by Google), Skype

3 For all kinds of information:
Note: Evernote
Calender: Sunrise (the widget is in transparent background)
Weather: 1Weather
News: Flipboard or Feedly
Lock-screen Notification: NiLS

4 For a healthier life:
Step Counts:Moves (it could use some 3-rd party service to auto check-in in foursquare)
Relaxation: Doze
White Noise: White Noise
Screen Filter: Twilight
Sleep Log: Sleepbot
Alarm: Timely

5 For a more beautiful phone desktop:
Live Wallpaper: Paperland
Customized Widget: Minimalistic Text
Customized Linear Information Indicator: Powerline

6 To enhance your phone:
Automatic Tools: Tasker, Trigger, IFTTT, Shush!
To Find Things: Gesture Search
Simple Tools: UseTool (calculator and converter)
To Push Phone Notifications to Your Computer: Desktop Notification
To Manage the Files: Sliding Explorer (good-looking but average function), Total Commander(almost all the functions you need for managing files)

7 Entertainment:
Medias: Play Music, VLC, MX Player, Youtube
Photographing and Picture Editing: VSCO, Skitch, Pixlr Express
Games: Ingress, Smash it, Blendoku, 7x7, Asteroid Impact
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#Tasker and #Sleepbot integration

Sleepbot has a really good auto alarm function. But unfortunately the native alarm of Sleepbot is not very good-looking. Luckily, it can done by tasker.

The tricky part is, the sleepbot punch-in is not an event monitored by tasker. Thus you'll have to trigger the action of "Sleepbot Punch-in" in tasker at first, and then trigger an auto alarm action.

To trigger the action, there are several choices.
1 Create a shortcut on your phone desktop to the sleepbot punch-in action. You'll have to set an icon for your action.
2 Create a widget by using tasker scene. It's very simple, but it's not easy to make a really beautiful widget.
3 Create a widget by another customized widget app, like Minimalistic Text. The action could be found in the shortcuts.
4 Use an app like trigger to trigger a tasker action. The reason I recommend this way is you'll have more ways to trigger it.

Now we're able to trigger the sleepbot punch-in action. The next step is to set an auto alarm. The action contains two steps:
1 Var split:
The time var is something like 10.59, so split the var %TIME by the splitter ".".
2 Set the alarm time:
Usually you'll need a conditional statement here.
For example, I want an auto alarm after I sleep for 8 hours. Then the condition will be if the value of %TIME1 is smaller than 16.

To trigger the auto alarm action, I recommend to set a new profile with State-Tasker-Task Running since you can combine it with date parameters to limit it to specific days of a week. Thus you'll have your normal alarms on weekdays, and won't sleep too much on weekends.

1 Remember to choose the option in Sleepbot to allow integration with other apps.
2 Tasker set alarm will use the normal alarm app in your phone. If you're not sure which app it is, try "set an alarm" in Google Now to find out.
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Ah OK, I was just concentrating on the logging side of it, not the additional features.
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Move to Mailbox and Sunrise this semester. Still thinking about Aviate.
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How to get the Horde barn pet without anything special / 無需特殊物品獲取部落獸倉寵物
#worldofwarcraft   #魔獸世界  
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#Tasker  Tips:
1 Geo location:
The Location profile is actually not very useful in most tasker context. Usually a state based on State-Phone-Cell Near is much better. Another choice is State-Net-Wifi Near.

2 Display Brightness:
You can't set the display brightness level to a value less than 20 by usual methods. Unfortunately it's still a little too bright at night. But you can set it to lower value in tasker, by choose "Disable Safeguard" in Display Brightness.
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#Tasker  Share: Change Your Phone to Vibration Mode When the Headsets Are Plugged In

Not all android phone have an accessory manager like Sony, but we can do similar things by tasker.

Two things are needed for this task: a profile, and an action.

Let start with the action.
Audio-Silent Mode, and set the mode to Vibrate.

Then simply add a profile:
State-Hardware-Headset Plugged, and set the type to what you like. And like the profile with the action. 
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#Tasker Share: Temporarily Change the Brightness of the Screen When Calls Are Incoming

Three things are needed for this task:
a profile, an action, and a var.

First, set a var in vars.
In my task, I name it "%BRIGHT_SAVED"

Then, set the action.
There are five steps in my action.
1 Set the value of customised var  %BRIGHT_SAVED to the value of system var %BRIGHT. This is to store the original brightness level in the var.
2 Set display brightness to any value you like.
3 Set the wait time to anything you think necessary.
4 Restore the original brightness level by set it to %BRIGHT_SAVED
5 Just in case, clear the var.

Finally, set a profile of Event-Phone-Phone Ringing, and link it to the action.
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