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From now on, Murray and I will have to start saying "eh" after every sentence. Why? Because... it is the Canadian way! Yes, this morning we both became citizens, eh. There were 44 persons in...
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Congratulations!!! And yes, eh is obligatory now LOL
Thanks Deb, yes we feel quite different now, eh :)
Dank jullie wel :) Who's next? :) :) :)
not me, Marlies maybe, let's see!
we're coming your way again, 2 more days and we'll drive to Calgary (Dutch consulate for new passports) and then Golden, Salmon Arm and Kelowna. On the way back we'll stay at Castlegar, Kimberley and Medicine Hat.......
+Nico Wobben Leuk!!! Als jullie zin hebben in een ommetje, zijn jullie van harte welkom. Jullie mogen gerust een nachtje op ons terrein verblijven hoor, dan hebben we met z'n allen gezellig ontbijt :) Fijne reis alvast!!!
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