This looks interesting and has a semi-endorsement from +Tina Trillitzsch.
Edit: First impressions from skimming the Ashcan version of the game:

- neat character creation: cool tropes/archetypes with flaws and strenghts to customize your character (this is limited in the ashcan version but the full game will have more)
- I like how you distribute die sizes on different stats, e.g., a d20 for Brains and a d10 for Flight
- there's some effort to tie the characters together with relationships
- easy and rules-lite game system
- distribution of narrative control depending on the outcome of the roll
- I can see myself using this for the kind of 80s kids movies it's geared towards (Stranger Things, E.T., etc.)
- powered characters!

Really good first impression and definitely worth a look
Oh hey, look, Kids on Bikes is now on Kickstarter! I remember when they were looking for playtesters a few months ago. I tried it but didn't find the time to play more than once, unfortunately - but character generation was a lot of fun and kickstarted the story nicely!
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