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Sophia Brandt
Clojure, Javascript, Linux, Raspberry Pi, RPGs (pen & paper), lifehacks, beginner Stoic, human behavior, probably a geek
Clojure, Javascript, Linux, Raspberry Pi, RPGs (pen & paper), lifehacks, beginner Stoic, human behavior, probably a geek


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Working up my podcast backlog. This is a cool episode with +Joe Banner​ (who does a lot of Dungeon World and Into the Odd stuff).
The podcast is fairly new but looks promising. Host is+Andrew Huffaker​.

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Wow, this looks bad.

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This week in gaming features new material for solitaire gaming, advice for Game Masters and updated game aids. B/X Essentials is also out in print and Malandros has a free edition.

Hugo + cloud9 + gitlab (private repo) + netlify + custom domain = super fast blog with minimal cost and TLS encryption that even works on a chromebook
You only have to pay for the domain (~ $5-10 p.a.), the rest is free.

Better than ghost? Might be.

Thanks, +Tina Trillitzsch​​​, for suggesting netlify.

Should I do a tutorial? I probably should.

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New Lulu code

Save 30% on All Print Products
Use code SAVENOW30 | Expires September 14
h/t +Steve Sigety


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We have a lot of sales and game bundles going on this week. Plus, there are some sweet new OSR releases and some zines.

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The blog has moved to a new server! Yippieh!
It now has SSL and it doesn't use wordpress anymore. Ghost to the rescue.

The story:

I originally didn't host the site and was not owner of the domain. I set it up a few years ago when I didn't know how to host a website. I'm very grateful for the acquaintance who helped me out and hosted it for free.

But it was bugging me for a while that I couldn't access the server for admin stuff.

So, I got the domain transferred and asked for the data (mysql dump and wordpress files).
Even the domain transfer was problematic. Thus the site was down for several hours.. my fault, I made some naive assumptions.

My idea (I did research beforehand): Cool, it just takes some minutes to migrate this after I have access to domain and my server.

The reality:
it didn't work. I tried it manually. I used duplicator (wordpress plugin). No deal. I set up a fresh wp install and tried a manual import. Too much missing. Bleh.
I have a link library plugin for all the link lists I maintain. I couldn't get that working. Hours gone by.

The solution:
By hand. I set up a ghost blog. I tried using the wordpress to ghost plugin for export. Didn't work. I found a github repo to create an export of my blog posts. I manually recreated my link pages with static html. I imported the posts into ghost. MySQL didn't like an emoji that I foolishly included and crashed. Troubleshooted that (thanks uberspace customer service).
I re-tagged all of my posts and got them new images (almost 200). Per hand. Yikes.
I needed to find out how to do url redirects in apache. It's not pretty but it works.

Why Ghost?

I'm not a big fan of Wordpress. I write in Markdown and needed a plugin for that. I wanted pretty urls. As I don't have access to the old wordpress server - another plugin. And another for 2FA. And another for more security. And one for cache. And then you need to update all of them. All the time. And PHP is slow.

For a simple blog with one user thatos so much overkill. I don't need a fully fleshed CMS with memberships, a shop, etc.
But the link library plugin and the broken link checker were cool. Plus, you have inbuild statistics. Neat.
Not a bad platform per se.

I would have used WP just to save me the hassle of switching to another platform. Plus, I lost my wordpress subscribers with a platform change.

Ghost. It was easy to setup on
I played around with Hugo (static site generator). Pretty complicated if you want to have a nice workflow with gitolite and whatever. A basic install is easy but then you have to manually push the changes. Perhaps I got that wrong. I was following a community tutorial on uberspace. I still plan to use Hugo for another blog. Perhaps then I'll understand it better.

Ghost just works. It has an admin panel for web. I can log into it on every browser, create new posts in Markdown and publish them. No need for the command line or git. It might not be as fast, geeky or pretty as Hugo but it doesn't require so many hurdles.

It has some quirks (if you have one image and want to use it as a featured image for different posts - doesn't work). Most of the available themes don't work out of the box because of a version change.

I hope Ghost keeps being stable and reliable. For now, the blog is extremely fast (but minimalist).
i implemented a custom google search function. Hopefully that helps with navigation.

Sigh. I'm glad that I now have access to all my stuff. But it was much harder than anticipated. I spend all of my free time since the weekend to get the blog running again.

Wordpress, I hate you. Ghost, you, too.
Can't migrate my content from one wordpress installation to another without loosing my link library. Not even with a duplicator plugin.
Ghost crashes when I have a static html page with tons of links.
Now it's up to you, Hugo, if l manage to install you on my uberspace server.

EDIT: Ghost, I apologize. It was MySQL that was giving trouble.

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Playing board games (and RPGs) can make you a nicer person with better relationships
- there you have it.
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