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The ICS update for Xperia S is rolling out now! Check out the product blog to find out more -  Are you looking forward to using the new "WALKMAN" app for Xperia? 
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Yes, I am. Waiting for the next update for Xperia arc with bugfixes AND the new app.
Still worried about updating my 2.3.4 Gingerbread Xperia Arc S to 4.0.4 ICS. Some review said that it'll make my Arc running slow..
What's that mean 'rolling out'? Has it been launched yet?
It is rolling gradually, depending on your country or carrier :)
+Putra Krisnanda I'm running it on my Neo (which should be slower than the Arc S) and it runs fine for me.

I don't use Live Wallpapers though so that might help to keep things fast.
I posted this on Facebook as well, but there always seem to be a spamfest of fanboy comments, so maybe you'll notice it here, where the activity is a bit slower:

The current music app in Xperia S (2.3.7) is not very good
While vastly superior to everything else I've seen in terms of aesthetics, the functionality seems lacking:

Navigation: pressing Back in the player closes the app instead of navigating a step back. You need to go to the My Music tab and navigate your way back to the album/artist you are currently listening to, and it is really unnecessary. I mean, the Home button does the same, so why close the app with the Back button as well?

Shuffle: Now, I am the kind of person who likes to shuffle my music, but I often want to start with a certain song too. Now, if I select a certain song, I need to press Menu > Shuffle > Enable Shuffle to turn it on. And shuffle is off by default and you need to manually activate every time you select a song to start with. It would be so much easier if there just were Shuffle and Repeat toggle buttons in the Player, and their settings were saved upon app exit.

Playlist editing: Moving a song up and down in the Playlist view is painstakingly slow and sometimes it screws up the order of other songs in the list.

I appreciate the work you do, and I hope to see these things improved in the Walkman app in your ICS release
Looking forward to everything to do with ICS and the Sony improvements.  No sign of the roll out reaching my 'batch' yet, though.  Looks like it will be July at the earliest for me.  At least that gives me a chance to see others' opinions (like +Janus Valberg-Madsen above) before making the jump.
+James Field you should note, that the critique I posted above was directed at the current version of the music player app in the Gingerbread firmware, as I haven't yet upgraded either.
They are key points that I hope too see addressed in the ICS release — or a later patch.
Oh, sorry +Janus Valberg-Madsen.  I have to admit to only skimming through it!  I can't say I've noticed the back button thing in the music player on my Xperia S, but I tend to only use it to search for a single track to play ad hoc.  I don't tend to listen to music all that much.  Win Amp or Power Amp might be a better solution to the stock app.
Indeed, yet with those problems being sorted out, I could easily find myself returning to the stock app. I have had both Winamp and PowerAmp (free versions), but the best music player app I've had so far, was the stock player in MiUI on my old X10. That thing did everything I needed, looked nice, and worked just the way I liked it to. 

I believe it can be installed as a standalone app for ICS devices. If the Walkman app disappoints, that's probably where I'll look first.
I'm waiting here in Czech republic! So please roll it faster! I can't wait more time... :-)
i love sony Xperia S, but looks like it missing the WhiteMagic feature :(
Waiting for ICS at Kuwait :) hurry up sony.
To the impatient people
You should note that it is not only Sony who affects the rollout of the firmware. After Sony release the update, the software will go through a process of approval, tweaking and bloatware adding by each carrier independently.

If the rollout is announced for your country and you haven't got the update yet, it most likely because your carrier hasn't finished doing their thing.

If you absolutely cannot wait, you can flash the new firmware manually yourself — look here:

That being said, it would be nice if Sony would let us know exactly which countries the update has been rolled out to.
Home screen scrolling lag is gone and everything seems to work ok. The new keyboard is also great!
Oh I'm drunk sorry only rooting requires unlocked bootloader because of the fastboot commands.

6810 in AnTuTu
how about my xperia p? Pls dont 4get the Philippines for the update.. OTA?
Hope ICS will improve battery life on xperia p...just hoping:-/
Still waiting it arrive at Malaysia.......
My phone SI is listed but still the update didn't appear neither through OTA or PC Companion :-(
Could anyone from Switzerland already install it?
+Anthony Kelly really? And neo is just 1ghz with 512mb ram right? Oh well, maybe I'll try it someday. But for now, I think I'll stay with gingerbread though. Waiting review from another Arc S user
+Putra Krisnanda My friend updated their Arc S today. No complaints from her so far, but it's early days. Check reviews and update only if you really want to. If you're happy with Gingerbread then you can always stick with that... But I am happy I updated
Herr H
Im in Switzerland and my si number has been on the list for well over 24 hours, every time I try to update it says I have up to date software. My phone is NOT branded.
I had to send my S in for repair as it has the yellow tint issue. =( Way to roll out the update when I don't have my phone. T_T Meanies.
Oh, and remember people! "All Xperia S users will get a notification when the upgrade is ready, but direct availability in the phone may vary across different carriers." And "The rollout will continue over the next few weeks* *The availability and scheduling of this software upgrade will vary by market and carrier requirements"
congratulation for user Xperia S..
Herr H
Day 3 on the list with a non branded phone and still nothing!
Nice, now sony mobile Germany only have to fix my display (yellow tinted). Unfortunately they don't talk to me. Last contact 4 weeks ago.
Currently using the flashed swiss generic..well workg fine...great new features and ui only concern is a little laggy when long press the home button for multitaskg...there is some lagginess when swiping left or right of multitasking...
+Torsten Schlopsnies my brother is using this handset too and he had the same problem (yellow tint). Only took 1 week for display replacement in south borneo, Indonesia. I think you should contact your service center about the progress.
+Sony Xperia what are you waiting for? Sorry but it's exactly the same mobile phone in every country, isn't it? So why don't you give everyone the same time the same update?
well pretty much improvement in feature for the walkman app...too bad the movies app only feature little improvement..album is nice app where u can view the geo tagged photo on the map...n new note app has been added...pretty useful since they include the sketching on it...overall i love the walkman there about 8 visualizer somehow it is not really synchronized with the song tone...u can now used the equilizer for the movie app...i love EA and gameloft games on my xperia but not many of them are supported i guess this could be due to hardware requirement.
Yes walkman app is my fav.. i listen music all time.. so get the update out of the box
Xperia™ NXT Series. Next generation of
smartphones, from Sony.
In Sweden we dont have access to PS Store and the playstation games, is this going to change with the ICS update?
Good to know, . Just changed from my arc to this phone. Good combination with my tablet s.
Updated it just now, it's working great, but you should have used some of the cool ICS icons together with the UX (looks great too).
Out here in Norway as well - and no, I do not look forward to using the Walkman application, until 1: I can choose my own music directories, 2. It will play lossless files (FLAC) and 3. Support gapless playback.

Any other news in this release worth testing?
its Out now everywhere.. :) thx Sony.. but now waiting for Jelly Bean.. ;)
When will this be launched in South Africa?
Where's jelly bean??!!??!! Where's the lastest version of android for xperia s?! Does anyone care about it? Am i the only one interested on this fact? All new sony smartphones have it but not the older phones! Why?
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