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Have we captured your attention yet...? #bestofSony  
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Jealous that I only got my Xperia Z about 5 months ago, and this is on the horizon already! :( grrr....
Please release the phone asap
i Salar
Very Nice Phone :)
+Sony Xperia would you please give us users more storage options? A 32gb phone would be nice . 
+Sony Xperia initially I was not a fan of the xperia Z up until you released the 4.2.2 update. Amazing. So could it convinced me to purchase another xperia Z device the xperia tablet Z. Again very happy. So far so good. I was contemplating getting the Z ultra or maybe the z1 until a strange thing happened. The flap on the headphone jack no longer sits flush with the device after use. In fact it slowly slides up exposing the jack. Is this a design fault as surely these flaps, given that they part of the waterproofing design, should be up to daily use (especially the head phone jack). 
you already captured mine loooong ago.
No Sony XPERIA SP and Z Are The Best smartphone In The world..
+Sony Xperia just tell me you're coming to Verizon wireless, then you just might have my attention?
Yes, so stahp the damned cock tease. 
Well, you had our attention already, but I really hope camera quality is great instead of just acceptable. 
Yes you have my attention, but more so if it had a Xenon flash on there too. Either way, it looks like it'll probably be the best camera on an Android phone this year...
I am waiting impatiently. I am probably going to get this because its a camera thats out this world which works quickly which is what I want. Water resistant and classy body is the bonus. Sell my s4 
What phone is this ??? never seen a 'G' beside the lens 
One of the worst kept secrets...Is this a tangible question???
it is sony G lens trade mark what that mean the honami (Z1) use same (or very similar) lens with the sony cyber-shot. it can call G lens for mobile.
Amazing a camera with a G and a camera on the back amazing. Just show us the phone.
Are there any new ones on at&t
G is the lens they use in their DSLR..
Just please make sure it is available within 2 or 3 week of annoucment. Too often you announce things months in advance... But yes, you have captured my attention, so you're about 50% the way to capturing my dollars 
Sony will make a great device but will miss one or the other critical functions....i knw them way better....they missed flash on xperia z ultra.....+sony plz make a perfect device
We'll probably see it in stores by January, so there's still plenty of time to save and/or reconsider.
Where is xenon flash? I hope it will have snap800
This is going to be something amazing cant wait.
M waiting man have sold my Xperia arc n now m waiting for the honami moment......

I hope this comes to T-Mobile in the usa so i can upgrade from my xperia z to that :D
Yes but more interested in the Honami Mini to tell you the truth.
Much more compact even if it thicker for good enough battery.
If the pictures leaked are of the actually device, the bezels are pretty big
Yep, I hope is justified for the a massive battery at least, Though I prefer it would be thicher rather than bigger bezels all around.
Any way hoping a Honami Mini or a ZR worldwide release ASAP.
Eu quero!! +Sony Xperia tem que vir a versão completa pr o Brasil, nãp pode ser como o Xpeia Z que veio p ZQ no lugar. Tem que ser esse !
I wanted the Xperia Z phone.......and then I saw the i1......glad I waited. Just hope Rogers in Canada picks this one up.
optical Zoom will be the next version?
Lo interesante será ver su comportamiento en baja luz, fotos rápidas, y con objetos alejados......?? 
Dee J
Hey Honami, will i see you at the IFA?
can this lens only use in xperia?
Look at the Xperia Z price...When it was new it was $750
+Debjoy Sarkar
It has no Xenon flash, but its actually not needed! with the Camera technology you can get highly detailed shots with low noise – even in challenging lighting conditions. -Rachell
+Tissot Regis
 Sorry to hear that Tissot, in this case you can contact your local repair facilities to set the device for evaluation. -Rachell
+Chenuka Jayathilaka
This phone has a different camera technology, you actually don't need a flash in low light conditions! :) -Rachell
+Sony Xperia Rachell thanks for the comment. Will do that. Have just pre ordered a z1 (love the tablet z and my original z until the flaps went but see Sony have rectified this by getting rid of the flap that covered the head phone jack).
+Sony Xperia when my Z1 arrives, I'll do side-by-side comparison with my Satio in low light conditions to settle the Xenon flash debate. I'm skeptical but ready to be impressed!
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