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The wait is finally over! The launch of the next Xperia #smartphone  is in YOUR hands! Do your bit and head over to to help reveal! +1 if you’ll be taking part!
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so your redirecting us to facebook
No, I'm not signing up to Facebook. I said on one of your previous posts 'thanks for engaging with the Google+ community' but now I take that back..
I don't understand this: you give us a link for more information, and then you take me to a facebook page that REQUIRES me to login? How much effort do you expect people to put in getting info about your products!? Just post whatever it is here!
10 days!!?? So today is the pre-presentation of something? Mmm... I prefer to wait to see the presentation of the #iOS  6 later!
facebook page crashed. USE GOOGLE+ INSTEAD
can't you just tell us what it is! it's too hard to log in fb in china
#sony   #marketing   #failure  
There's just too many Sony phones on the market these days and that is sort of a turn off for me...I have the xperia S and I just don't understand why there are varieties of Sony phones "lots" with little or no difference with Mt Xperia S at all.
Sony isn't doing very well against the competition. Wonder how come. Maybe it is time to fire a few people in the marketing department.
What we all need and want is the ICS update.
Sorry, I´m not going in FB. Is there any payment to Sony otherwise didn´t get why Sony doing this...?
Sorry +Sony Xperia ! Very disappointed you are redirecting to a Facebook page! I don't use Facebook! And never will! It would be nice if you held your competitions here on +Google+ for a change! Thank you!
I ma really disappointed at Sony, my Xperria X10 mini just died and I can't get any help from the company. It keeps turning itself off right after I start it. It is a bit more than 1 year so no warrantee coverage for me here!
Thanks for showing how not to do marketing in Google plus.
Are you all idiots or you just think that Facebook and Google are the same company? I closed my Facebook account. I don't care what you are promoting in Facebook.
It is sad Alex, really sad that a big company like Sony uses G+ to advertise for their product on FB! I also close my FB long time ago so I no longer have that giant spyping virus in my system.
For the moment, I can afford Sola only if it had front facing camera!!!! 
Link to Facebook!?! Nice. I think I'll follow Sony's business practices and use this comment to promote the fact that I am no longer an Xperia Play user (other than as a backup phone). Switched to Samsung Note and never regretted. See how I used your page to promote Samsung +Sony Xperia? That's kind of what you are doing by sending us to facebook!
But the new Sony phones are ugly as all hell. :(
I have Xperia S. I don't have facebook in it. I don't have facebook at all actually. Sorry, I can't participate on my next smartphone development then. Hopefully, the people of facebook will do it well for us.
Looks like Sony wants to avoid getting overshadowed by a certain fruit this week... bad play on the Facebook relay.
What's wrong with Facebook...seriously people, grow up and stop boycotting stupid things. If it was redirected to lets say their blog and it required registering your email you wouldn't have complained...
Sony, thats a bad stunt, sending us to facebook............. deceptive and LAZY.............. that is enough for me to not buy your products
pero ah donde vais mandándome a facefook?
+Sony Xperia Guys, you really don't listen to your customers do you? I have an Xperia Ray and I think it's an amazing device. In fact, I think Sony's phones are some of the best android phones out there and I'm sure that if you would listen more you wouldn't be in such a mess right now. Just look at how many negative comments you're getting about your terrible marketing strategy. Are you going to reply to us? I don't think so. How stupid are you +Sony ?
+Ramy Ayash You really have no idea how marketing works do you? If it redirects me anywhere, I should not have to create an account to see it. They already got my attention on a log in website. I would just close the blog and never learn about it.
I just have a Google account, and plan to keep this way
You should bring the new ICS updates for the newer xperias instead of releasing a new phone every month ._.
What the hell, it's asking me to log in to something called Facebook, I was curious but I no like the looks of this... it's asking me to create a profile first, seems risky.
Ahem.... If Iclick on the second link I find something FB Error 404.
Only if I click in a link in the page,I go somewhere in the Sony FB page.
For a couple of seconds I was shocked. I read Bing the next Xperia. For a second I really thought you mean to bing, like to google something.
Redirected to Facebook... No thanks... Sorry Sony, I don't do Facebook
Really, a Facebook group link in the G+ ad.  Yes, many people use both, but it's tacky and annoying.  Is there anyone actually in charge of marketing at Sony these days?  Is anyone in charge of anything?  Last I heard, one part of Sony was suing another. 
What the heck do I need Facebook to get to this info
they want you to like their facebook page you should just make a facebook but use it for stuff like this
-1 since I won't be taking part in a facebook-only event.
It's nice to see you have NOT fully embraced Google+ ...
I hope you didn't set out to alienate your G+ followers, Because I think you just did....... Linking to Facebook is so Lame..
Probably the wrong way to go about promoting an item on G+ : linking it to facebook. I hope someone at Sony Marketing is paying attention. 
Maybe +Sony Xperia  is just very clever.... this is likely the most traffic they have had on G+ yet.  
Why would I +1 that I'm going to a page on Facebook? Worse actually, an app on Facebook that is requesting permissions before telling me anything.
Hahahahaha a link to Facebook??? Not likely.
We hear you folks and sorry for the slight delay in response. We just wanted to give you the opportunity to get involved if you wanted to. But we hear you, thank you, and apologise for any inconvenience. We’ll keep you posted on the exciting announcement as soon as we’re able to, and we’ll do it here on the Sony Xperia Google+ page.
I'm sorry ... I only speak about a link fail.
It is not very important from where, where it passes, and where it needs to carrry.
It must work. Otherwise it was not done a good job....
I wish G+ would offer to French speakers the option and/or the opportunity to use French characters -- or -- using accents on letters such as (e,o,a ---) when writing in French.
They should explore this idea and consider writing software to do just that.

Matt C
Wow, a poster (Sony Xperia) actually responded!
+Gerard Jean-Michel 
OK...But... What is the connection with the broken link, Sony, its Experia and these messages?
I do not understand ...
Google is swimming with consumer goods!
With all the tools Google gives you here at G+ you could have promoted the wazoo out of the next Xperia right here, and maybe won some people over too. But instead you've proved you don't give a shit, so why should we?
Oh great, the endorsed spam has arrived in g+
This is what happens when companies start to fizzle out in public.
Ke nny
ayfkm, a link to fb!?
This is why marketing will fail on G+. People on G+ hates Facebook and Apple products.
Playstation 3 is almost over. Now your phone is heading the same direction. I'm getting the any Samsung phone.
+Mafer Yu I do not hate Apple products....And I use FB and web 2.x if it is a good business for me.... ghghgh
I hope their going to make another xperia play
Me.neither am not signing back upto facebook.i only signed off today
Just make the latest version instead of re-drawing the themes and style technical data through css, as well as the fact that xperia could of been much slimer in design back to 2010, no innovations, just extra bits added and claimed that it's apparently something amazing and unique or new. 
Finally the Hiyabusa? Get it out soon, it'll be a tough choice between it and Moto's international version of the RAZR HD. Hopefully you learned to use big batteries too.
Mmh, very nice camera. The best sony phone.
Is there any exchange value for xperia x10i? 
This is great, I love SONY phones. Sure, they have their quirks, but what brand doesn't?
Facebook don't do that. Rather pointless posting a FB link on Google plus....looks like your marketing department needs a retraining session!
I will not be taking part, simply because this is a redirect to Facebook. You're already on a social network, Sony -- just keep it here on Google+!
agreed for ur comment darren gardiner
-1 for trying to get me to go to Facebook!
You should not post in one social network a link forcing people to log onto to a different network before they see any content.

As well as duplicating the bulk of the post on both networks, you should try to make each post contain a small amount of unique information so as to reward anyone who follows you on both networks.

This should be obvious to anyone who works in PR.
wait is not over, still waitin' for iPhone 5
Google really need to add a  -1 for rubbish like this
I have to agree, with the idea that reminds me of getting an 'iou' in a birthday card....
Why would I want anything to do with Facebook ! I came to Google+ to get away from that rubbish. Don't post on here unless you give us the service too !
I was interested... was going to read this.. then I got redirected to Facebook. Oh well..
I hate xperia? Because im using xperia play and his new 4.0 updats not availble in my set
I think htc apple and samsung is bettre then for sony ericcson xperia
Facebook App Link on Google+ should be flagged
Wow, really a flood of mediocre +Sony Xperia phones coming in short cadence? Is +Sony going down the same way as HTC last year?
Linking to Facebook from another social network asking for likes is a pretty big fail...
+Petr Kolařík Do you also use the mighty Xperia S? Fair enough.. Will you get the next gen of it if it's gonna be developed by people who take pictrues of themselves in mirrors in their bathrooms? Will ya?! Wake up Sony. Wake the fcuk up..
i hate sony now should stayed with samsung 
+Ken Cooper Naah.. You can't write the whole company off just because of one marketing fella who's taking care of their Xperia G+ page screwed up. This facebook campaign has been bit of a miscalculation. Sony in general took a good step ahead when buying Ericsson's share and changing their face on the field of smartphones. They better not to waste their chance to prove themselves. Go ahead Sony. I like your design and I like android. I had PS1, PS2 and PSP. I have the new Xperia S now, but I won't buy your next smartphone if you keep winding me up with facebook.
We can't use fb in CHINA!
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