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Xperia Z is the world's first smartphone to come with High Dynamic Range video technology – it does the hard work so you don't have to. 
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Wudy Ng
What is the US release date?
"The first Smartphone to come with HDR"...
Yeah, hopefully it comes soon!!
+Philipp Liebig It is said that its maximum resolution is 1080p video, but there are rumors that it will be the first phone to record 4K.
I trust you sony. Your camera is the best.
If the shots are that good then consider my mind blown
Dave M
Bring it to Canada 
what technology was used to take the photo of the camera taking the photo??!?!?
So the next iphone will have this technology. 
If Sony does a Nexus with some of these same features I'm DEFINITELY in. 
It seems that the image of the phone does not match the position of the people behind the lens.
I would say that this photo is manipulated to have this finish.
stop put any ads, just sell it! ;)
Oppo find 5 was the first phone with hdr video. But im still getting this 
I'm liking this phone more and more yes indeed 
And it doesn't matter that battery isn't removable 
That phone could really take a well lit subject against the light? That would be amazing!
Enadiz> it's a commercial, that's to show you the big screen... and front cam is only 2 MP, back cam is 13 MP...  ;-)
                          very buttiful ..........
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