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In a rush to get ready for your night out? Launch the music player on your Xperia S with one quick swipe of a SmartTag! Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?
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ja verehrt nur mein handy yeahhhh
Yeah, pray that you launch it world wide before I buy another one.
Still trying to figure out why you keep advertising something you can not buy yet in the U.S..
+George Remington, Google+ is an international site. This advertising might just be aimed at those that can get it.
+David Hill That's true, but +Sony Xperia should be the one attentive to the comments and answering these questions. What a terrible customer service experience.
To be fair, lots of folks outside the US like me always get the "Not available in your country" notice. This is also an issue of US telecom cartels imposing restrictive conditions there. It's very annoying for me to read "I'm not getting updates" complaints from US folks and tech sites when the rest of the world is not restricted from getting updates from the manufacturer.
Khairil Yusof: not true. I had a question about battery life in Xperia Sola and answer? Nothing..
Bring that beautiful GX to Europe, I demand it :)
Yeah, I never got any answer too. Even regarding the device features like the smart tags in the last post. And come on, 14 comments in THIS topic, and they can't answer like 3 question? The phone looks great, but I'm not liking what is going on and it's just a matter of time to a better phone (with newer Android OS) to come up.
Why so much ad on S now ??? Maybe becuse Xperia GX is near
So the best CTIA smartphone is Motorola's RAZR?? Hmmm why would that be... Anyway, that makes me re think about waiting for the Xperia S to be available worldwide, since Motorola always is and always has the latest Android version.
Would be nice to do this, but I'm still waiting for my Sony Xperia S to be repaired. I sent it in on 16.4.2012 and on 18.5.2012 I got the information, that Sony doesn't know when they will be able to repair it ...
Ah, forgot to mention that my handset has this infamous display error (yellow tint). Sony seems to be unable to provide a decent amount of displays to fix this problem.
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