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Sony Xperia

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With super-fast and accurate Hybrid Auto Focus technology, even more impressive camera capabilities and a powerful long-lasting battery life, the latest step in our Xperia M series evolution has arrived.
Go for gold and discover more:
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i love sony 
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Sony Xperia

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Introducing #Xperia C5 Ultra. Enjoy your movies and videos in vivid clarity, thanks to a near-borderless 6" Full HD display:
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Quiero saber cual es la página oficial de +Sony Xperia​ en español... 
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Sony Xperia

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Focus closely now, a new way to capture split-second photos is coming.
Discover the details tomorrow...
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Thanks a lot +Sony Xperia 
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Sony Xperia

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Raining outside?

Create a unique photo shoot amongst the raindrops using the waterproof design of Xperia M4 Aqua. And don’t worry about any water running across your screen, accidentally changing the settings – the clever Touch Block feature means you can lock the screen and control the camera with the side button!
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+Meghal Murkute We can’t comment on upgrades for further products at this time – please stay tuned to our blog for the latest information. -Lynch
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Sony Xperia

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#ICan experience the detail in every note of my favourite song with #Xperia…
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just Download the utorrent application from the playstore then open your browser in some website like piratebay,kickass.then select the flac format of anysong that you want! 
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Sony Xperia

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There are big thrills out there for the taking and an Android mobile to make the most of them.

Put the plus into your fun with Xperia Z3+.
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kev in
Gilles pas de chance pour ton z3 , car c'est de bien meilleurs tel que les iPhone !

Sois t'en a pas pris soin , sois c'est pas de chance et t'a eu un défaut , sa peut arriver ...

Perso arc , z1 et z3c aucun soucis 😇
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Sony Xperia

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Want to know how to get PS4 Remote Play up and running? You’ll need the secret code…
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Sony Xperia

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#ICan hear music as the artist truly intended.

Experience new levels of sound with Hi-Res Audio by adjusting your music settings on #Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact or Xperia Z3+!
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Yes, I precisely prefer +Sony Xperia​ to the iPhone because of the sound. When traveling some hours on the train, I always enjoy when music sounds great! :-) 
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Sony Xperia

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Every classic story begins with a powerful opening…

This is ours.
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+Wala'a Hejazi We're sorry to hear about it can you tell us if the phone when is plugged to the charged it lights the LED light? - Lynch
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Sony Xperia

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When compressing audio information into CD and MP3 formats, sound data can get lost which disturbs its quality. Hi-Res Audio uses higher sampling rates to capture music, meaning that when you press play, there’s a richer, more complete sound to be enjoyed.

Discover music the way the artist intended it to be heard:
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+Zamira Karvani hi Zamira in most cases what you are experiencing is a software error. If you have a Windows or a apple Mac download the pc companion software to the computer plug in the phone and choose the first icon this will allow you to repair by reloading your phones software. if this does not work then since the device is still under warranty you should be able to take the phone in for obf if it is still within the first 7 days of the devices usage. Else if will have to be send to a Sony repair centre. When you hand in the phone try to give a detailed explanation of the problem as thus will help with problem resolution. I'm sure if sony is reading this that they would agree
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Sony Xperia

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Something golden is sparkling on the horizon… Discover more on 03.08.15. 
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We are in love very Sudan Sony, but Sony Reload 5.1.1 arrived all Arab countries except Sudan, specifically for the Sony phone z2 D6502
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Sony Xperia

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The Face in app on Xperia Z3+ triggers both the front and back cameras at once, so you can take two photos at the same time from different angles.

Why not challenge a friend and see who has the cheesiest smile or biggest pout? 
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i have  a sony z1
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Welcome to the official Sony Xperia Google+ page. 

Here at Sony Xperia we want to give you the most innovative, sophisticated and inspirational smartphones, accessories and content, designed to help you connect with your friends on a whole new level. We want to create a world for you to immerse yourself in, surrounded by all your favourite content with your Sony smartphone right at its heart.

We’ll share all the latest news from inside Sony Xperia as well as relevant stories, apps or topics from around the web that we think you'll all find inspiring and interesting. Remember to give us feedback, we'd love to know everything that will make your world even better!

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Thank you and we look forward to talking with you on Google+ - remember to say hi!