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Sony Xperia

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From the morning melody to my walk to work, #ICan hold every little moment in the palm of my hand. What could you achieve with SmartWear from Sony?
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SmartBand forever... I love this gadget. I want the next SmartBand to count and heart beats...
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Sony Xperia

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Send emojis to friends and receive pop-up messages on the move, now in Wi-Fi hotspots! There are even more ways to stay connected with new updates from SmartWatch 3: 
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+Ross Free
Depends on what you need it for. I first used Smartband Talk to not miss notifications when the phone is in the pocket in winter. The band is great, but now it's not enough (if you missed the band's notifications, they are not indicated on the band's home screen). So I decided to try the watch. Works fine for me and it has replaced my lovely Oceanus S2400 that I wore for a year.
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Sony Xperia

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From planning your journey to arriving with time to spare... How has your SmartWear taken your world to new heights?
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sony xperia z için lolipop güncellemesi ne zaman gelecek artık beklemekten çok sıkıldık!!!
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Sony Xperia

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#ICan seek adventure around every corner. Share your location with us and how many steps (or pedals) you think it took to get there! 
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Telstra \O:) 44
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Sony Xperia

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At home or at work, streamline your day with voice control technology from our Smart Bluetooth Speaker.
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hehe. i checked its pricing in india... it costs more than oneplus one around here :) that's a bit too much for a smart clock for me. 
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Sony Xperia

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Caught in a drizzle? Brighten your day with a surprise phone call – Xperia M4 Aqua can handle it!
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First handest in Sony. Which provide lollipop & octa core with water proof. I like it. I need it
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Sony Xperia

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It's easy to stay active with SmartWatch 3. Xperia owner Fadlan shows you how… 
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Sony Xperia

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There’s more to explore than you think…

Have you discovered the exciting apps and services behind every great Xperia?
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Its amazing! I love you guys +Sony Xperia​
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Sony Xperia

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Check out a smartphone battery that helps you make the best of your time… 
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Sony Xperia

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 Your world captured beautifully on a slimmer, lighter, faster smartphone – for up to 2 days without charge. Introducing the new #Xperia Z3+ 
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Released in June ;-) 
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Sony Xperia

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Stay up until the stars come out with Xperia M4 Aqua and up to 2 days’ battery life. What could you discover?
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How much is this phone!!!!!!!!???
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Sony Xperia

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Have you delved into the wide world of SmartWear compatible apps yet? It’s easy to get even more from SmartWatch 3 when you know how!
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You know, +Sony Xperia​, as a stubborn Sony enthusiast, I argued against my more tech savvy best friend and then-fiancee that the SW3 was the watch for me, when she was shopping for my birthday gift. They argued the Asus or Motorola watches looked better than the "boring", utilitarian SM3, which is true, but I promised it'd be fine because I KNEW the removable core meant more stylish bands were coming, just like the SM2.

My outdoor job requires rugged devices (Z3 works great in the rain) but my wedding, this past weekend required a little more sophisticated style. I anxiously waited and waited, through the reveal and then rumored release dates of the steel band and other holder to come to the US. But it's still not here, +Sony​. So I couldn't show off my chosen analog watch replacement (free publicity for you) at the wedding. I just went without one, which my now-wife and best friend were quick to point out.

Like some of my favorite sports teams, it's frustrating and sometimes embarrassing to support a company that continues to irritate or fail it's supporters. Against better options, I hunted and paid a lot for the last (w-in-1) Sony laptop ever made. Poor battery life and irritating software issues, I'm still proud of it. Similar patience is required with my last and current Xperia phones and their delayed updates to Lollipop (which is more +T-Mobile​'s fault than yours but still).

I understand there are a lot of financial and structural issues going on at Sony, and advertising/actually showing the public you exist is one of them (I come across people who still didn't know Sony makes phones), but to see yet another ad for a product that we can't even have, that the staff at your remaining Style stores shrug their shoulders about, is Really getting frustrating. Every Google+ post and article about the SM3 is filled with unanswered questions about the steel version. When Apple released their watch it actually became clearer that the the best competitor, as far as variety and style goes, is Sony with its interchangeable bands. Their obnoxious ads are even more annoying because Sony could've done the same thing but don't advertise their tech in general and can't actually advertise the variety they can't provide yet.

While theres no longer a rush from my end, for the steel or leather band to arrive in the US, I still hope you at least make your supposed deadline of ..."Spring".

PS (if you're still reading) I know Australia or whatever has them, but I just need the band.

And while I'm waiting, it'd be nice to see a black, steel band return, like the SW2 had.

Also, I won't go into detail here, but I hope the SM4 has one of those snazzy Sony imaging processors/cameras you've decided to focus on, inside. Preferably behind the screen, like you've patented, for solid video chats. Also, it should be compatible with your PlayStation and Morpheus devices.

Thanks for reading.
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