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It's finally here! Android 4.0 is now available for Sony Tablet S. Check out the rad new features you can enjoy with the firmware update. Which feature are you most excited about?
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If you really you want to make your tablet good you should get iOS on your tablet!!!
The small applications feature looks useful:)
Nice one, +Sony

The changes made here seem to add functionality to the device... they are welcome =)

I'm wondering when we will see a refresh of the Tablet S (and the Tablet P too if you can shrink the bezel).
Mine its still saying software its up to date. Will keep trying...
+Anthony Kelly , oh no, don't shrink the bezel :) ..
I finally can handle a tablet with my thumb properly !!

+Sony , thanks for all these new features ! the SmartApp looks like really great :) ..
I hope the remote controle app is more reactive and fast !!
Really looking forward to multi tasking, folders to clean up my home screen, and view as desktop within the native browser (I just wish websites would tell the difference between tablets and mobile phones already).
When will ICS come to mine? Come on!!!
Not available for me in the UK yet.
Waiting for one in Canada. Still no update
Now let's keep up the mobile momentum and bring the Sony Reader app to the PS Vita, with e-books available through the PlayStation Store.
The Sony Tablets have it. Be kind and share!
Now they need to sort out that if I buy a PSOne game on my PS3 that the PS Store on the tablet recognises it and lets me download the game again. I am not paying again for the same game, surely this is the whole point of having a unified network across devices? It was certainly one of the main reasons I chose this over the Samsung Tablet
+Martin Dunford Hell yes.

Dear +Sony , I am all for your new unified PlayStation Network, but there is no way I'm paying for the same game from the same network twice.

I spend quite a lot on PlayStation Store on my PS3 anyway, and I would be more than a little bit likely to get a Sony tablet if my PS One Classics were sitting there waiting for me.
For now, no update in japan...
Press the "Release Update" button! >>.<<<
Sony should clarify in which country it's available!!
Congrats on getting the update out so quickly Sony.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, yea! Hopefully it will not take long for us canadians to get it!
kind of glad I'm not the only one as mine is still not finding the update either. UK Sony Tablet S 16GB 3G + WiFi
Bora U
I could swear most of these (if not all) are ICS features, no Sony features... (ok, you can have the small apps but everything else is Google's)
It's not world-wide roll out, is it ? I have been bashing 'Check for update' for some time now and still getting nothing than 'system is up to date'.

Well I'm in Thailand and the one I bought is feature-limited Thailand version.
People who have contacted Sony support say that Japan and USA will get it in the next 48hrs and Europe will be within 15 days :-(
And that would means.. 36 weeks for third world country like where I live. Are we customer as well ? Why american always has an advantage (and some time drag the whole world out from the update) ?
This is actually a very nice looking tablet.
The small apps look like a very good addition to ICS
grow up! I am not going to give out any information now.. :( You boys need to remember your manners. I am a lady. I will just buy one of my own. BTW- my brother graduated with a degree in computer science.. I have been working and learning these things probably longer than you have been alive. just saying. Manners and respect take a while for a young man to learn... I guess. :( That is sad.
Hey Sony fans! Android 4.0 AKA Ice Cream Sandwich is being pushed out to US customers only for the Sony Tablet™ S users this afternoon. Once the update is pushed out, you should receive a notification on your Tablet, in which you will need to accept in order to download it. This should occur within the next couple hours. For Sony Tablet users outside of the United States, please check with the Sony support in your respective countries on the update. To locate support in your country please visit Thanks!
good, now just push it to my tablet lol I've been hitting the "Check for Updates" button all day!
+Sony If it's only available in the US, why don't you write it in your post? I'm waiting like a stupid... (Germany)
Still nothing yet. +Sony, Is Canada part of the roll out with US?
Great news and the new features look good. I hope there is some performance improvement as well.
I look forward to trying this out when I get home :)
Still waiting on a response from Sony UK but whenever I do I shall post it here :)
Answer from the Sony Support Germany: "[...] Das Update auf die Version Android 4.0 wird innerhalb der nächsten Tage über die Einstellungen "Softwareaktualisierung" abrufbar sein. [...]"

Translation: "[...] The update to android version 4.0 will be available in the coming days over "system update" under settings. "
I talked with Sony support here in Canada, and they said the Canadian tablet will be getting it May 10th. Not sure about everyone else.
Still nothing from Sony UK but if the neighbors torture USA have to wait 2weeks I imagine us Brits will get it in like 6weeks
I'm not really sure why it takes so much longer for different countries. Is it the strain on the servers? Are the states being used as a testing ground for bugs that will be fixed in our versions? I hope the latter :-)
This is from UK support. very disappointing especially since it is working for US based tablets. and the US version works perfectly if you root your tablet.
Dear Mr Donaldson

Thank you for contacting Sony.

I appreciate your inquiry about the release date of the ICS version.

I would like to advise you that unfortunately there is no clear date about the exact release date for the Android ICS so far; however the engineers are working on it in the moment and as soon as possible they will be releasing it.

Should you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to reply to this email or contact us on the numbers below:

Yours sincerely

Sony Support Team
As promised, Sony Japan has released the update today!
I got it in Colombia.  It have very cool features: Creation of folders, and direct access from sd-card.
Hey +Sony , what about giving us a jelly bean update and not leaving us, the owners of the sony tablet s, forgoten 
The hardware can support jellybean so there is no ha limitations at all, it's not fair that i worked muy ass off to purchase this ítem between 2011 and 2012 and find myself stucked forever with no update from The vendor
Dear Sony, would not kill you to remember the loyal customers who bought the sony tablet s whom are expecting a jellybean update, how about giving us android aokp for instance? Come one, give ud jellybean, dont forget about us
i realized that sony dont care at all about customers that bought the sony tablet s, completely forsaken
i worked my ass to save enough  and buy this tablet, because is sony and not getting an upgrade at least 4.1 is a shame, a shame on sony
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