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Big news today! Sony CEO and President Kazuo Hirai will deliver the keynote address at CES 2014. Check out Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)'s unveil video.
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looking forward to the new sony phones
Yea useless news, it's still 2013 and stop trying to ride Nokia and Apple's coat tail!
I would buy Sony every time rather than crap from Apple and Nokia.  People end up with than crap because they are too lazy to investigate other options.
Kaz Hirai as CEO is the best decision Sony made in years.
Интересно и надеюсь, актуально..:)
CES is not too far away. Remember Sony is innovation, in 2009 they had the phone that used a stylus to write and a year and a half ago gave us NFC. 
+Alex Del Bosque Not to put down Sony, but the stylus's were used long before 2009. I'm not sure which company had the first cell phone to use one, but I know that the Nokia 6708 (just an example that I can think of) came out long before 2009.
And I'm not sure who holds the patent for NFC in cell phones but I would put money on it not being a Sony innovation either.
Sony, Phillips and Nokia founded the NFC Forum. And yes stylus was used before, Sony stopped making Windows phones with the Stylus in 2009 +Will Larson 
+GW I think it is great News for Sony, that was published today by CES.... It got nothing to do with Appleor what.... The world simply does not turn around Apple alone.... 
I am big fan of sony. I am using sony phone and television. 
+Mark Gillespie Though I'd choose Sony over nokia and Apple anytime, isn't the nokia phone better for taking images then any sony phone? I'm not sure because I'd rather have a brick then a windows phone so I haven't looked into it!
You have to factor in the unlimited marketing budget Microsoft has.   The Nokia is no better at taking pictures than any other high end phone, it's just Microsoft have enough money to buy the press to suggest otherwise.

Nokia got caught faking their marketing materials to make the cameras look better than they actually are.

Faked video:

Faked Pictures:

The 41mp thing is total marketing bullshit.   There are several real world tests that show the latest Xperias matching the Nokia in normal use and beating it in night-time shots, thanks to the Exmor RS backlit sensor.
+Mark Gillespie thank you for that information, I love the camera on the xperia T, and saw the ads for the Nokia and thought, that would be a good phone for starter photographers, but if its fake then what does the Nokia have over the Xperia? I doubt anything, no one wants windows phone...
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