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Get ready for an interactive experience with…The Amazing Spider-Man and NEX camera! Start practicing your poses, because soon you'll have a chance to enter your own action-shots and earn a permanent place in superhero history.
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okay, camera, didn't see that one coming.
its a bird. its a plane, its nightwing....isnt it?
Dear Sony, I'd like to ask sincerly if you plan to provide an official unlock to your two tablets?
I'd be interested in buying one,but since I love tweaking and playing with the software of my devices, I'd like to know if you plan to support the developer community. :)
it's android why u wanna unlock it ???
Since that does not imply, that I am allowed to put any rom and firmware I want onto the device I bought with my own earned money.
It should be OK however it will likely void the warranty if you modify it. Pretty standard I think. Nexus tablet should be here soon anyways :)
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