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I think Calvin & Hobbes is philosophy, poetry, Art. I think Bill Watterson is a genius. I think everyone should know and love his work and this superlative little comic strip.

If I posted one strip, I'd have to post them all. It's impossible to pick a representative example. So here's a random collection of some of the best, for those who have been cruelly denied exposure to the wonderfulness. (inspired by +Stacy Leets)

“Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.” - Calvin
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My parents brought us some of my C&H collections that duplicated their own, so my kids are learning the joy now. They still tend to like, say, the macabre snowman pieces best, but they'll grow into a deeper understanding through the genius marriage of thoughtful innocence and almost-cynicism that Watterson employed. I rather like that he keeps himself to himself; it somehow makes the strips more poignant.
So much poignancy. And as brilliant as it is when you're young, it only gets more amazing as you get older. I have the deluxe box set as well as all the individual books. The closest I ever got to getting a tattoo was one of Calvin.
Closest my sister ever got was Hobbes... :) It's been good for me to be reminded of Watterson's genius as I'm reacquainted with his baby. Now you're making me need to collect everything again (I originally got the books as "presents for my parents" with full intent of them being my own).
I don't think there are words in the English language fully capable of describing Bill Watterson and his work. Thanks for the link. You can never have too many little clusters of C&H pop up in your life :)
That sounds exactly like something I'd say if this popped up in my stream Jooles. :-)
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