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Content strategy, in a pub. Pub school in fact. Not just any old pub either - in our much-loved local, The Lion. It's our new thing! 

Proving to be a very inspiring place for a small group of like-minded businesses to do some hard thinking on content strategy to set themselves up for success next year. 

Surprised and delighted by the power of learning in a group. They've encouraged each other to push things further, held each other to account and given great insight from the outside. And we're all having a lot of fun too. 

Do take a peak.

We'd love to run more of these groups next year so I'd really welcome your feedback. Does Pub School work for you? Your thoughts greatly appreciated. 
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Sharon gives the low down on the content marketing approach on the npower blog.

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Oh my oh my. Valuable Content Marketing is up for an international small biz book award! We currently lie in 2nd place in our category, with only 1 day of voting to go! Do vote for us if you can ->

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Fear of Being Boring is the biggest, baddest blocker to writing content such as blogs. Here a few tried and tested ways to banish the fear and give yourself the confidence to just write.

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What's the hardest thing about writing content for you? 
We're doing a bit of research. Could you help with this super quick survey?  Thanks very much!

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Eek! I'm suffering from metaphorphobia. If you struggle with writing metaphors too here are some great tips from +Sharon Tanton. Off to find that orange...

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You want to make this content marketing thing work but how do you get into action? There's an overwhelming array of options available to you, but which one is right for you? Here's a quick guide to help. 

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How do you create content that truly connects with people? New VC blog.

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“Content marketing is good business practice. It’s just common sense, with technology applied and it will have a knock on affect on the long term success of your business.” Fascinating interview on what it takes to make content marketing work for a B2B business. 

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'Always have a real person in mind' is one of those bits of well-worn writing wisdom you can’t afford to ignore. Here's an exercise to help you visualise your ideal customer. Hope it helps. 
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