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∞ Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails ∞
Straight from the Athenian urban forest,
Atomas and Mamka bringing out a significant
work in the form of a 4 tracks EP.
Well blended ideas, and sounds creating a
space that brings you to a psychedelic reality...

∞ Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails ∞

► 1. internal trails
► 2. reflecting worlds
► 3. diffused
► 4. to outer space

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios
Artwork by Jimacido
Produced by Sonic Loom Music 2018

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∞ Tromo - Harmonies Of Randomness ∞
∞✶✵❅❆❆▒░◈ OUT NOW ◈░▒❆❆❅✵✶∞

walk randomly into the paths of possibility
you know where you’re going
radiate your frequency to feed the harmony
you know where you guide the tune
this music is made by uncovering the harmony
of your random frequencies

► 01. Tromo - Tachyon
► 02. Tromo - Shakti Mantra
► 03. Tromo - Sorcerer's Cat
► 04. Tromo - Navel Of The Earth
► 05. Tromo - All Is A Lie
► 06. Tromo - DigiTroll
► 07. Tromo - Harmonies Of Randomness
► 08. Tromo - Enuma Elis
► 09. Tromo - Night Tales
► 10. Tromo - Kali's Temple

Original Artwork By Plats
Graphics Editing By Dark Crystal
Mastering By PetranMusic @ Echology Studios

Release Date: 9 March 2018


Physical Orders:

Digital Store:

Our Official Bandcamp Page:


For our friends in Switzerland,
you can buy the CD directly from “Lost in Reality”





Also available @ Beatport, iTunes & Google Play.

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▓▒░░..New Release ∞ Approaching Soon..░░▒▓
〄 ♬ ♪♩♭ ♪ ♫♬ Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100%
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The world is whirling, revolving and renewing since the beginning of time.
We are all an outgrowth of this change.
Each reversal is a new turn in our adventurous trip.
We captured some of those upside downs under the psychedelic prism of music.

Be ready to enjoy the next one!

Atomas & Mamka - Biopolar Symphony
Jangaramongara - Proud (Muscaria Rmx)
OhmInside - Oscillation Activity
Antonymous - Illusion Extract
Petran - Moondance (DrURy NeViL Rmx)
Leso - System Failure
Weirdos - Weir-Doh
Tromo - Aura Waves
Quadraphonic - Mystic Equation
Frantic Noise & Orestis (Feat Silly Twit) - Psychedelic Trance

Carefully compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran @ Echology studios and
cover designed by Oddg Planarstrokes.
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∞ Antonymous - The Ascending Path ~ OUT NOW !!

Every path we choose in life leads to a higher purpose.
It takes time to be fulfilled, swirling through successive cycles and orbicular paths, but what we do will finally come to embrace us.
Observe the sacred geometry of music flowing through and animating your body.

Feel it as it opens up, blossoms and unfolds in a wider perspective.
... our paths are connected.

Antonymous introduces his work: three tracks written and produced in the Ionian island of Kythera.

A sonic adventure where each element, be it atmosphere,
base, rhythmic, leads or dreams, was crafted and integrated to form the Ascending Path.

Mastering by PetranMusic at Echology Studios
Artwork by Oddg Planarstrokes

Sonic Loom Music
Sonic Loom Music
Sonic Loom Music
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Are you ready for some Therapy?
2 Days Left for the Worldwide Official Release,
Orestis & Friends - Group Therapy
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► Orestis & Friends ∞ Group Therapy 
♫ Release Date : 12 February 2016 ☊
☑ PreOrder Already Started !! ♫
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►1 Petran - Oneiros 
►2 Atomas - Salt Island 
►3 Muscaria & Antonymous - The Lost Souls Of A Future Past
►4 Ordo Ab Chao & Antonymous - Animistic Mysteries
►5 Tromo - End Of Freedom
►6 OhmInside & FreakPlanet - Supernatural
►7 Drury Nevil - Spectral Pitch
►8 Quadraphonic - Brain Defragment
►9 Band Crash - Stone Effect
►10 Orestis - Elixir

►Compiled by: Ordo Ab Chao►Mastered by: Petran►Graphics by: Planarstrokes. 
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