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Sonia Voldseth
I help you find: Mental/Emotional Wellness, Body Love and a Soul connection.
I help you find: Mental/Emotional Wellness, Body Love and a Soul connection.

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Here's something exciting for you! (and for me too!) If you sign up for my email list over the next 7 days I'll give you 20% your first session. :-) This applies to in person or Skype/Facetime/phone work. I'm in New Zealand - but I'm serving the world. You can sign up at Then let me know you've done it and that you're ready for coaching at Have a beautiful day, wherever you are. Love and Blessings, Sonia

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WARNING: Small tangent alert. If it was this easy to get out of stress - to just switch if off, wouldn't less people be stressed?
People are well-informed. People seek out information on what makes them feel better. People know they should be breathing deeply and counting their blessings. Surely.
What kind of life coach would I be if I had a client struggling with anxiety and I said, "Oh don't worry about it! Just count your blessings!" Ugh.
I love the practice of gratitude. It can be really beneficial. It can give us important perspective. But it's not a be all and end all.
This is why I don't like memes. I post them sometimes because they're easy to digest in a social medium that is full of distractions. But they oversimplify things.
Before we leave stress, we have to acknowledge the stress. We can't just jump out of it.
Maybe it is there to teach us to count our blessings. Quite possibly. Maybe it's there to give us a wake up call. Maybe it's there to provide contrast so we can see what we don't want.
But in my humble opinion, that reason is always deeper than just aiming to switch it off with a quick mindset shift.
If we want less stress, we have to get to the bottom of what's causing it. This requires a willingness to participate in it, to acknowledge it and to learn to love what it represents - even (especially) if that means changing it.
Tangent over. Love and Blessings (😉 ), Sonia

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My latest article... True love is the drudgery. The dishes. The homework. Getting up in the night with kids – when they’re sick.
Romance is for amateurs. True love is washing vomit covered sheets.
We’ve bought into an idea of love that’s not real, and relationships are hard enough without setting someone else up to fulfil us, or complete us, or affirm us.
What if we looked at Valentine’s Day a little bit more like that? A celebration of the one not who completes us. But the one who’s in the trenches alongside us.
P.S. I know it was V-Day in New Zealand yesterday! But it's today in the U.S. which is where Positively Positive is based.
P.P.S. Oh, and if you like it, please share the love.:-) x

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The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day. - Albert Einstein

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You have to believe in yourself harder than anyone if you want to make your dreams a reality.
It sounds cheesy and Life-coachy, I know. But it's so damn true.
You have to believe in you if you want anyone else to believe in you.
Go out, do your thing. Be enough.

#selflove #loverevolution #believeinyou

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Sometimes, it's difficult to be a sensitive soul. Actually, most times. We feel the weight of the world. We carry it. We process it and we want to change it.

What's hard about this is that it's a heavy responsibility. It is unsustainable without long-term coping strategies in place. (like meditation, yoga, perspective recognition (I just made that up - it covers a lot of stuff), and knowing that you cannot change everything - but you can change something.

What's easy about it is, well, nothing.

But what's great about it is this.

It is suffering that joins us together. The very purpose of our very lives is to know we are not alone, and with that recognition we learn to reach out to others (The Buddha).

Sometimes, inexplicable, unexplainable things happen. Sometimes every day occurrences make us feel anxious and horrible. Sometimes we have no idea what it is that causes our suffering.

But remember this my friends.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all in this together. Collectively.

You are loved. You are supported. And you are enough.

x Sonia

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We can be soft and strong at the same time. We have to be to sustain the kind of powerful, lasting love that gets us through hard times. Go out, do your thing, be enough. 💜

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There is much confusion and despair in the world right now. But Rumi reminds us, "There is hope after despair and many suns after darkness." Hang onto hope. Hang onto love. Hang onto each other.
Love and blessings to you all. 💜💜💜

#loverevolution #loveeachother

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