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Awesome ideas! Some are definitely harder than others.
Can you name two things you should drop? Check out this article to see if your items are on the list.
We are all doing things in our life that we should drop immediately in order to live a happier life and be the person we truly want to be.Dropping these 10 things will help you live a much happier, and more enjoyable life…1. Drop the negative people around youWe all have negative people around us, and it’s easy for me to say just drop them, but you have to find a way.Negative people are energy suckers, they suck the life out of you until you get ...
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Sonia Obrien

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What awesome work you've done! How detailed. It's beautiful.
finished the rough draft of my map of Chroniker City, the fictional setting of my steampunk novels.
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thank you Sonia :)
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This is me and very morning :)
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This is hilarious.
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Sonia Obrien

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People have been noticing these strange creatures appear on the sidewalks around Ann Arbor Michigan... They are drawn in the most random places, and there’s one thing that binds all the pieces together: they are guaranteed to brighten your day, even if just a little bit! These quirky...
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slt on dit koi
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Sonia Obrien

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Love push ups. One of the best exercises ever. I've read body weight exercises are the big thing now.
Five Day B&W Selfie Challenge: Day Three ~ I Don't Go To The Gym ~

I was nominated by the gracious and very talented ladies +Measie Elizabeth  and +paula contreras  to join +Paul Howard*s #fivedaybwselfiechallenge . This is my contribution for day three.

As the caption states, I don't go to the gym. I just never can find time for it…but that doesn't make me a couch potato. Working out at home is quite possible, using body weight, big plastic bottles filled with water or sand, you can run up and down stairs…lots of possibilities, go google it! ;) And if you, like me, are blessed with living in a pleasant neighborhood, why not start out with a power walk?

I slacked off from my workout routine during the late part of autumn/beginning of winter, but now I am back on track again. This week, I was able to do 10 push-ups (the regular kind, mind you) in a row. Maybe that's nothing to you serious fitness gurus out there, but I reserve the right to be pretty darn proud of myself :) 

I would love to nominate people for this challenge, but I think "everybody" has joined already. If you haven't, but would like to, go for it! ;)

The rules:
1. Has to be in black and white, or some variation thereof. Toned, straight, grainy, I don’t care. But black and white. 
2. Fresh photos, old photos, doesn’t matter, but not previously published in black and white. Something about this photo has to have a “new” aspect to it. 
3. One per day for five days. 
4. Nominate someone, don’t nominate anyone, doesn’t matter. 
5. Feel free to say no.
6. If you accept, post ‘em where you like ‘em. G+, Facebook, Ello, Tsu,  Instagram,  doesn't  matter, any or all of them. Tag me so I can bother you about them though.
7. It can be any kind of selfie  you like. I mean, I don’t even have to really SEE you as long as you’re in it somehow.
8. Be sure to tag the person that tagged you!

Have fun ;)
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Writer in Southern California. I published my first Horror/Sci-Fi book recently. I'm working on a new cross genre YA/New Adult/Horror/Sci-Fi series.
I'm a writer in Southern California and I published my first book recently. I'm working on a new cross genre series and some short stories. I'm also studying social media marketing, hoping to figure at least some of it out. I'm a geek at heart who loves reading and watching anything Sci-Fi or Horror. I hope to someday speak French and play the guitar. 
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Published my first book. Writing new cross genre series and short stories.
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