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Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups
I am a completely neurotic, fabulously clumsy, obsessively organised, somewhat delusional woman from Sydney Australia
I am a completely neurotic, fabulously clumsy, obsessively organised, somewhat delusional woman from Sydney Australia

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A Dining Room Makeover on A Zero Budget
Four Gaming Changing Books That could Change Your Life Unexpected Breaks And New Beginnings Off The Leash We Are Getting There This and That And Other Stuff Rack Off Chicken Little

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"Rack Off" Chicken Little
I'm not going to even attempt to deny it... I'm a good old fashioned the 'world is falling in' Chicken Little Drama Queen. You know, the type who jumps to conclusions like - if you don't answer your phone when I call you, you must be like lying dead in a gu...

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This and That and Some Other Stuff
Monday, Monday, Monday - why must you always come around so fast? No joke, it's kinda like Friday arrives and we are all "yayyyyy - it's the best day of the week, let's celebrate", and then we all start dancing and before we get to the end of the song  BOOM...

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We Are Getting There
Well you guys, we are into week two of the new schools for two of our boys - a change of school for Flynn and high school for Sam. I would like to say it has been all smooth sailing... but the truth is it hasn't, not for everyone anyway. Sam is stoked, abso...

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Off The Leash
Brought to you by Nuffnang and Sydney Cycleways   I’m not one of those helicopter kind of mums when it comes to our boys…. BAHAHAHA who am I kidding? I SO AM one of
those helicopter mums and if I could wrap my kids up in a suit made out of
extra thick paddi...

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Unexpected Breaks and New Beginnings
How good are unexpected breaks? Like  REALLY  good in my opinion. I didn't actually mean to take a break from blogging... but life kind of just happened for a while and the blog didn't.  No drama. No excuses, Just no blog for a little while and that's all. ...

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4 Game Changing Books That Could Change Your Life... For REALS!
I guess - I'm what you would call a good old fashioned binge reader.  I show periods of great self restraint that see me often go for months reading just one or two books (if I'm lucky and the books that I am reading don't get used as a missile in World War...

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My Word For The Year Is...
It was a few years back when my beautiful friend Bron told me about how every year she chooses a word for the year that reflects what she hopes to achieve or how she would like things to flow for the year, and every year since then I have chosen my own word...

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I've sweated my guts out trawling the Interwebs 😂 to find us some of the best downloadable 2017 calendars online 👌🏼I've printed my fave for my office and I've gathered the rest of my top picks up together in a blog post for you guys in case you too want to fancy up your walls too 🙌🏼 we are SO ready for ya 2017!

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2017 Printable Calendars You Will Love
 Well first of all HAPPY 2017 YOU GUYS!!!!! I hope you had the most awesome start to the year imaginable. I've spent the last week mooching around spending time catching up with family and friends and eating leftovers and having a right old time being a lad...
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