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Unable to write a rage-fueled column, I explore the possibility of taking comic books a little less seriously and walking away from reading about comics, so that I can read more comics.
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Heh, thanks. You know how it is, there are so_many other things to freak out about. Today I found 3 separate news articles about different kids in the US being accidentally shot - that's the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.
it's one of things i found most frustrating about doing anything for Tart - someone always had to get uppity about it. no matter what IT was. it's not the latest ruling by the ICC or what's happening in Syria. it's comics! they are, as you so aptly point out, supposed to be fun. and i never, ever stayed up to date on news and trends in comics. who cares - i just want to read 'em! =] good for you, Miss. good for you.
It's one thing I've really noticed when I started transitioning from webcomics to indie comics (I'm currently working on a book with your old buddy, Josh Flanagan); with webcomics, I didn't see this much griping and negativity towards comics, or what people liked, or trying different things, or checking out different genres. Matter of fact, the only negativity I saw was the traditional comics folk pretty much looking down on webcomics as second-class.

The people I hung out with in the webcomics scene just made comics to the best of their ability, and had fun doing it. That's it. It surprises me how foreign a concept this seems to be in the traditional comics realm.
I really don't get it. Comics, to me, are at a state that movies, books and music are at. There is an amazing amount of variety out there and many places for even the casual fan to find their niche be it manga, indie, web, mainstream or a combination! I also find the medium themselves to be interesting, black/white, color, web, retro (see: afrodisiac).

These arguments run rampant in my other favorite hobby: music. First pop was good, then it was dumb, then alternative was cool then it wasn't, now indie music is "cool". But hey maybe you're happy jazz fan or electronica or avant garde or whatever. You get my drift. I'm with Sonia that there's plenty in comic land to be happy about. To me it's all about sharing, not exclusion. So much to appreciate!
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