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((Quick rant;
This is about cartoons and anime. I hate when people constantly flip out when other people call anime shows cartoons. Actually, did you know that in Japan, they also call shows like the Simpsons anime? And there's also CGI anime, too. And anime is the Japanese word for animation. Therefore, all cartoons are technically anime, but not all anime are cartoons.
So anyways, even though we use the term anime to distinguish Japanese animation (although I say Japanese anime and Western cartoons to distinguish them), that doesn't change the fact that it's just any animation at all. Some Japanese anime are cartoons, some are not. Now, can weeaboos quit flipping out over this kind of stuff?))
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//I need to vent really quick...

I hate when people block each other off because of a difference in opinion. Just because someone doesn't ℅100 agree with you doesn't make them a bad person, or mean you shouldn't give them a chance. For example: my friend (ish type person) is a lesbian, and her mom is against gay marriage, but they still have a great relationship! (And no. This post is not about gay rights, i just mean this for any general scenerio) Just give said person a chance, and talk to them in a civilized manor instead of resorting to petty solutions like cutting them off from even voicing there opinion, and defending themselves from misconceptions and rumors about them. And yes... This is partly aimed at a specific person, but I think it's something everyone needs to hear. Its been a huge problem for everything ranging from sub vs. Dub to gay rights to ship wars to politics. Just try to be civil understanding human beings °^°//
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((There are so many...
Screw the rules, I'm doing top 10.
10. One Piece: Romance Dawn
9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS
8. Pac-Man
7. Super Mario World
6. Super Smash Bros Brawl
5. Pokémon Yellow
4. Pokémon X
3. Naruto Ninja Council 3
2. Touhou 8
1. Osu!))
1.FNaF 2
5.Dumb Ways to Die 2
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((This enrages me so much. The fact that the police not only didn't get in trouble for shooting an innocent kid, but he got REWARDED for it?!
Why is the justice system so racist?! Is it even justice anymore? I'm fucking tired racism.
I'm Asian, but I have black friends and they're awesome people. Especially my friend in Video Club at school. If he got shot by the police for no reason, then I would hunt down the police officer who shot him and teach them a lesson.
The police really needs to get their minds straightened out. The justice system needs to be straightened out.
I can't fucking believe people are still so racist.))
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+Son Goku & Haruhi Suzumiya​​ (I'm black mate and this country is very high in racistsim of what we see on the news that's why my mom is always frightened when I go outside)
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((I have to marry one person in my OTP?! Okay, Kaworu then.))
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My wallpaper is Super Sayian God 2 Goku
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Which one you choose? comment can be both
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Fascinating!!! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
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I'm smart I know it don't comment plz the answer plz I want to see who knows 
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Hit like if you love Dragon ball
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((Okay, here's a topic I want to rant about because it constantly gets on my nerves. And that topic is censorship.
I'm gonna start off with the more understandable subtopics first.

I know you don't want your kid to copy that kind of stuff they see on TV. But why don't you actually watch movies WITH them and when a scene comes on that depicts something that's NOT to be copied in real life, remind them that they shouldn't do that. Keep reminding them until it sinks into the mind and they can tell the difference.

I understand that people have strong sexual desires, but really?! What's the big deal? It's just someone else's body parts and shit. It's not something kids shouldn't see unless it's something really sexual. Dunno what else it would be at the moment, but you get the idea if you've seen enough anime.

This one is the dumbest reason to censor. Why is cussing such a big deal? Is it because it's rude and offensive? If that's the case, then why is it okay to call someone an idiot, but not okay to call someone a dumbass? Why can you say "You're an idiot", but you can't say "Fuck you"? What's the big deal with swearing? It's no different from other insults.))
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I don't get pens only pencils.... I gave my friend a pencil to borrow and then he gave to someone else to borrow even though I told him not to give it to him.... God knows where that thing is......
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