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We'd like to introduce Solve for X, an experiment to encourage individuals and groups to undertake "moonshot" technology projects to solve global problems.

Solve for X is a place where people can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems. Radical in the sense that the solutions could help billions of people. Radical in the sense that the audaciousness of the proposals makes them sound like science fiction. And radical in the sense that there is some real technology breakthrough on the horizon to give us all hope that these ideas could really be brought to life.

This combination of things - a huge problem to solve, a radical solution for solving it, and the breakthrough technology to make it happen - is the essence of a technology moonshot.

Solve for X is intended to be a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.

Our goal is to make this page a source of interaction and dialogue, discussing the Solve for X talks from our Feb 1-3 event co-hosted by Astro Teller, Megan Smith and Eric Schmidt. Most importantly, hearing your ideas for Solve for X thinking. What's your <x>? What radical science and technology ideas are you thinking about?

We'd love for you to share other talks (maybe yours, maybe someone else's) and explain (1) what's the huge problem, (2) what's the radical solution, and (3) what's the science and technology detail? We'll re-share posts to the broader group to further the discussion.
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So excited to hear the many immense possibilities that are yet to be revealed!
Ging De
Sounds interesting.
Sounds great. 10-minute YouTube videos are a great start, maybe you can then sponsor 100-minute videos, and show how each can get the resources needed to be realized.
This is what we need to better the world. Now we know what people want so we can improve or invent a new kind of technology.
it's not the inventions that are lacking it's the financial commitment from the people who actually have real money. No one wants to borrow from the banksters anymore and be subject to their corruption to fund the mega projects.
Ging De
Agreed with +Patrick Shirkey, there have been quite a few breakthrough recently, I remember reading a paper about a simple process to create macroscopic fibers of nanotubes (it was not carbon though) that a few centimeters long and have the expected physical properties.
Check out the <Collaborative Science> video. Honestly mind blowing.
Wouldn't forums on the site itself make more sense than expecting people to find the G+ page and post comments there? Nothing wrong with G+ but the subjects are worth being discussed by everyone, not only G+ers.
Where is the +1 button on the new page?
What are the license for the videos? Would be cool if Google made them available in Creative Commons just like TED Talks are, bonus points if they use a cc-by that allows for derivative work.
This is a great project.

Everything we do depends on energy usage, and there is no other more important issue we face going forward. We must commit to placing sustainable energy sources on an even footing with fossil fuels, and also accurately accounting for the costs of burning fossil fuels. We must commit wholly to not only a sustainable energy future, but distrubuted local energy sources that are under the control of local citizens.

The entire energy system should be redisigned to encourage a REDUCTION in energy usage, rather an ever-increasing pattern of endless consumption.

Married with a program of energy conservation and efficiency, sustainable energy sources could provide a majority of energy sources inside of a decade.

Solve for X. X is our energy dependence on traditional fossil fuels. How do we free ourselves from dependence on 20th century fossil fuels? The technology exists to sustain our current way of life while using dramatically less energy. All that is lacking is societal and political will.
this project makes me wanna puke (preferably in its creators face)
if less people TALKED about reduction and instead DID production there wouldnt be so many nancys sitting at home TALKING about how to slove X but there would be more people out SOLVING it...
a solution doesn't have to be radical in order to work
its time to cull the heard.
Hope to get in on some of this - I have ideas
hmmmm... really great idea... ..
hey guys u really understood orelse joking.....what is that so called great idea behind this??????
thats the thing i dont think there is one just a bunch of skiddies running their mouths
LENR could match this forum, including Defkalion's and Dr. Andrea Rossi's inventions to save the world
yeah i think they will end up as old ladies flushing their toilets with their used bath water too.
Ami Jay
Solve for X reminds me of this site: mixed with TED.
However, its a great concept and we need more sites like this one.

Talking of solutions. I have been thinking about this for a while but have no clue who to propose it to. I have been concerned about the current "war on Iran". As a citizen on the British Isles, despite what my government claims, it does not represent my interests; just as the Iranian government doesn't reflect the interests of Iranian citizens.

With Iran being such a huge country, and needing a solution such as nuclear power to provide energy on such a large scale, yet with that solution appearing to cause worldwide tensions, I wish to propose the following:

So we have all heard of Thorium reactors by now...yet not many large scale industrial size ones have been built. Why doesn't the scientific community use the Iran situation as an opportunity to begin creating Thorium reactors in that nation for domestic use? Even India is investing in Thorium, so I am sure that it would be too hard to persuade Iran to want to invest in it. After all, Thorium reactors are supposed to be less dangerous, can be built on a smaller scale and also the best benefit, considering the international situation, is that it cant be used to obtain weapons material.
I happen to know a radical solution to all of mankind's problems - let's acknowledge our mortality.

The full realization of the fact that one day you will die - only that alone and nothing else - can put your values into correct order. I'm pretty sure the people who cause the world's suffering are the same ones who think they are immortal.

You want to cheer up your life ? Start by thinking about your own death.
Why cant X be with 20 more fps? XD
+Mad HaTTer :-) I'm sure that given enough time and life experience you will arrive at the same conclusion.
My brilliant idea in relation to SolveforX, and mind you, my opinion is widely sought, and highly esteemed. (snicker to self) A very detrimental, and widely accepted idea is the Lone Wolf mentality. The compulsion to put self above body, family, community. Only in the death of self, the daily dying of self, and the continuous picking up of the "just for today" in honor and lieu of, the benefit of loved ones, a.k.a., body, family and community... we cannot help but reap our wildest, most wonderful desires.
I agree with +Seppo Tiainen LENR is exactly the sort of technology Solve for X should be considering. It could solve a big problem, it is a radical solution, and breakthrough technology.
Awesome I just watched the Adrien Treuilles presentation on collaborative science. I'm really looking forward to what come out of this.
Great Job +Solve for X ...
not only create,, we must solved our technology become awesome for us..
dont forget to stay update..thats important
i just remembered whats really the problem with the world (sheep infestations) whats worse is they have weekly checkups to make sure their still sheep when you have a "theroy" to slove that problem let me know!
seems to be a great idea, waiting to hear from you.A good way to tackle problems, but problems could be different in different countries.
The more I know about this the more sceptical I am.
I mean they are not even that subtle in their intentions.
In those talks - all those CEOs mention words like profit and paying just too many times. Maybe they should change the name to Profit For X.

I will tell you exactly what will happen - you provide these people with your ideas - and they provide you with the PRODUCT, wrapped nicely in profit margin.

The technology saviour won't come cheap you can be sure.
Hey wait... there's no technology saviour, you actually have to change your mind and attitude to the world and to life before any change or actual solution can take place.
@David Kopnicky given enough time and life experience im sure youll arive at the conclusion that we r just a peanut waiting to be flushed and no matter how many flies land on us spouting shit about how to save the world the enevitable is coming
Solve for X id great idea, like many before it. But if stuff don't work, it just don't. You need shiz that works, not just ideas. Shiz that really really works, makes money because people who want it pay for it. Therefore I believe that 'Solve for X' will be a massive waste of time for most people.

It really comes down to this: tell me Google are you prepared to put real money behind some of these ideas that your users might have? Or, if you choose to fund some and I have a really good one, will I be compensated should you choose mine to implement or should I try my luck elsewhere?

Essentially, if I choose to throw ideas in the ring, are they for all practical purposes free and not mine anymore? Where does the copyright lie?
Automate the highways. Create an elevated automated electrified highway in the medium strip of our existing highways. Start by automating the commuter rail. Start by creating an elevated automated electrified commuter rail above the existing commuter rail. Make it so every commuter rail station has a secondary line where people get on and off. Make is so instead of large trains people can travel in small individual pods, or larger group pods for families and friends. Integrate the commuter rail automated system with the subway.

Commuter rail automation = Mercury II
Subway automation = Gemini II
Automate the highways = Apollo II

Automating the highways will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It will reduce green house gas emission. It will make us more productive and reduce the stress in our daily lives. It will create thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of jobs as it is being built. We can pay for it by usage fees after it is built.

Automating the highways should be this generations Apollo program.
to solve x, i think we need to improve our language... not only using words, but more dimensional, that able us to express our intuitive thought...
fuck X im sticking with Polynomial time vs non polynomial time :P
It's ok, when people want to spend some spare time trying to figure out solutions to the problems of the world. We have moved quite a distance, because somebody thought long back that we could.
all talk no action makes X a dull post
that would assume there is a right
+David Kopnicky Generally yes. Example computers, advancement in medical, many other such things. Then I see your point. We have rogue elements too, abuse too,.. we certainly need some values taught by religions. After all, we have to live and live well.
depends if you consider being a race of nancy sheep a benefit ohh but i was laughing at your religious statement!
I think it is fair. But generally, things that make ppl feel good have been told by religions. I pick only that much. But the gate keepers are the culprits.
i think that depends on the person, I feel great while beating up cops but have never gone to church as its a house of sheep doing as their told. I tend to pray on church yuppies.
Me there. I haven't been to some of the 'famous' temples in India, for similar reasons. I would rather sit cross legged quietly in my room for a while and feel the best.
Ok, this is a great forum, but how do we post items and attachments for others to review? Right now I have to reply to someone else s forum.
I've got an idea for a technology that provides power at the petawatt level, provides a vast increase in effective arable land, a vast increase in fresh water and dumps existing biosphere heat into space all without any effluents. Who do I talk to about giving a talk?
I think it is important to not only limit the site to "global problems." I feel that subcategories in things such as mathematics or computer science would be very beneficial. I am very glad to see Google undertaking a project like this. There have been a few other similar sites, at least in idea, but they have not had a big name backing them. I am really hoping this site will take off.
I'm already putting a plan into action to help change the world. The biggest problems (aside from war) that we (man) face is having enough healthy food and fresh water for everyone. Hydroponics uses 1/10th the amount of water as traditional growing. Most plant nutrients are toxic chemicals, so combing fish & their waste to be used as nutrients is better because it's natural. Furthermore, combining rabbits to have their waste feed the fish is what's called Aquaculture. The rabbits eat food grown from the cycle, the rest of the food is consumed by us, as well as excess fish and rabbits. My store will be opening no later than Monday March 5th 12 ( There's a bit more to it than that; as well as a lot of technology that could be applied to help feed the world while save our fresh water supply. I'm very interested in participating in this discussion.
the problem X can be summed up as human physiology.

every problem the human consciousness perceives; societal, environmental, medical, etc., stems from that consciousness being hindered by its environment: the human brain, and the brain in the animal body and the body on earth...animals struggle desperately for survival and nature is without mercy. This is the grand disparity between the human awareness and animal existence.

if, say, an offshoot of the occipital lobe implant were created, in a non-invasive form; a coating of c60 over the cerebral cortex, and that coating could be manipulated by an MR to generate the appropriate messages of electrical current, then theoretically ALL the lobes of the brain could be influenced and communicated with directly, and in either direction, at the individual cellular level

and once an individual brain's processes were sufficiently mapped, the solid-state supercortex could be gradually utilized by the brain, as the brain adapts to the clean annexes for the function of the cortex...the solid-state brain would have to function exactly like new neurons, and the brain would adapt, as we adapt to anything over time

once the adaptation has taken place, the processes which manifest consciousness would be working in a "physiology" without imperfections like neuroses or ill-formed neural areas, and, in addition, with the ability to self-program, the consciousness would be able to have complete control over perception, reaction, and stimulation of any sort

this opens the door for a virtual universe of individual design, and it stands to reason that an individual consciousness would migrate to the solid-state environment, as it would potentially be akin to a thought superconductor, a path of so little resistance to thought that the animal environment could be left to die off, leaving consciousness in its "computer" environs to potentially exist as an omnipotent being in a virtual universe for far beyond a human lifespan....power it by the sun and an individual could exist for 13 billion more years in a heaven (or a trillion different versions of heaven)

no more problems when everyone can be a god in a virtual universe

if X is a simple expression of every problem in the perception of humanity today, the solution is also as simple as X

in summary: trying to fix societal problems is like trying to dress a dog like a fireman...we will have animal problems as long as we are animals, and the current small thinking of science will destroy us...why not fix all the problems at once?
If the creators of the site are really serious about spuring on innovation, I'd like to recommend the following.
1. Standard design format so contributors can post and communicate their designs in an efficient manner.
2. Free design and documentation software that innovators can use to put their idea's on paper, or at least on the website.
3.A legal or copy write protection process in place so innovators don't have their ideas stolen or used against their wishes. A GNU GPL or open source license seems to be the best model.
4.A forum or section of the site dedicated to funding each innovators ideas. "Crowd sourcing" or even "crowd funding" a project should be something this site should offer help with.

These are only some suggestions that would help innovation from this site. I'm sure plenty more could be found if there is an interest. I hope my post doesn't sound negative. It's a great idea and a great goal. But, the site in it's current format doesn't seem very efficient in producing innovation from others.
+Larry Henderson - you nailed it man.

SOLVEFORX please do listen and switch your attention to the actual problems, as outlined by Larry here, as we are sick of your attempts to extract our ideas for free so that you can charge us later, ok ? Thanks.
+Anirban Pal Absolutely. It deals with dropping a lot of multi-megaton presents all around the globe. Other than that - no. It's the actual people that have to change first. But that's for a different forum as these people only want your money.
We don't have money. Our govts have taken away almost all. If anybody is concerned with problems as +Larry Henderson said. It is we. We have no values or have very little of it. Which technology can bring them. Somewhere I read, "Mother Nature provides for all our need but not for all our GREED"
So, how does one post ideas on this site? Is this site simply to raise awareness that there are other ideas out there? I think we all know that. There are great ideas that will never get off the ground because they don't have funding or competent management. That's just how the world works. How does this site help innovation? Please explain.

Also, I haven't seen any comments by the authors of the ideas on the boards. Do they even know people are commenting on there ideas? Google+ admins, please clearly define what goals you hope to accomplish with this site. As an inovator and engineer I'd love to help if I can, I just don't see how .
my idea for "solve for x": liquid environment connector. think about a liquid with nanoprocessors and membrans inside. you only need to drop it into your eyes, your ear or on your skin. the nanoprocessors will arange automatically for the special functionality. membrans in the liquid could be arranged to optical lenses, audio or haptical membrans. one step more as the google glasses ... ;)
next idea (wish) for +Solve for X: store all content (video, audio, text, etc.) only once. this will save resources all over the world and make data equal for every human. sounds very simple, but I think about the mass of cine film, TV content, radio broadcast, scanned books, ...
+Larry Henderson don't reduce it to storage costs. think about equal information and energy consumption. not every file need to be modified ...
People may be interested in pre-programmed machine learning capability:

Open source GAIuS has:
· An introductory homepage:
· An extensive introductory presentation:
· A detailed GAIuS tutorial:
· Downloadable open source software:

What makes GAIuS different from 'X', and any other machine learning is that GAIuS agents do not get pre-programmed. GAIuS learns from data itself by extracting extremely low level percepts utilizing GAIuS Primitives and Manipulatives concepts analogous to graph nodes and edges, to become higher level abstractions through systematic hierarchical association of vector and sequence objects. GAIuS has Observer Associator Classifier Sequencer Decider Actor Predictor characteristics that make it a more extensive solution set than can be found anywhere else.
+Solve for X Thanks for the link. It works in Google Reader but doesn't do much when I add it to the “Podcasts” section of iTunes. Would be very handy to be able to add it there and sync with phone/tablet...
YouTube has been a great place to share ideas in a very efficient way. What is needed is not another place where to share ideas, but a place where someone with a great idea can find guidance, protection, and all sorts of resources to get his or her idea out there without losing it all. After being squeezed from all front, isn’t it a little indecent to now ask to give off whatever little we got left for us. Let’s assume you found a great solution to produce energy at a very low cost, how in the heck do you get it out? Without falling into an unbearable political discussion, we all know the human cost we are paying for the control and use of petrol. How can a no name with little means survive such thing? Let’s assume this hurtle can be surmounted, how do you get this idea out without messing up the economical balance of countries. How do you tell countries that have invested billions in nuclear power plants to shove it up what you know because you have this fantastic solution that will solve the energy crisis that we are facing? This is the real issue, not sharing great ideas!!!!!!!!!!! Come up with a place where people can profit from their great ideas in total security and we will start seeing some incredible advancements. Now this is a discussion I would be greatly interested in. Any suggestion on how to get such a technology out without causing chaos would be a great start. I do not believe that posting such an idea on YouTube would be fair or responsible, though sometime it seems that it is the only way to get it out. Well that was my 2 cents and look forward reading you all.
I am reading “Solve for X is a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.” I have already posted a message over a week ago about resources to get a great idea out, I am yet to see any encouragements! So what if the technological part of the equation is solved but not its implementation because of its huge worldwide impact? Can Solve for X help in solving the following enormous equations, “very cheap energy + x = very cheap energy for all”, X being implementation! How would we start a thread and what kind of support should we expect from Solve for X?
Really!!?? You allow creationism on this forum? Please! If you are trying to emulate TED, then at least filter out STUPID IDIOTS.
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