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Plenty love coming for our MATE users soon

Meet Brisk! This is a new menu we're developing for the MATE desktop, to provide a slightly traditional, but very fast & usable menu system.

Started out inspired by the Budgie Menu but has drifted towards honouring Cardapio. And it's written in C, so it's lightning quick. I know, a fast menu, whoda thunk it..

PS. Yes this screenshot is taken on Budgie, I'm developing the whole menu itself before I turn it into a MATE applet ^^
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budgie menu could do with some work in the "options" department, while I like the menu I haven't seen anywhere to configure it or at least tweak the categories ect..

+Blaž Mežnaršič ehm.. aren't you thinking of Compiz or xcompmgr? Compiz was dead but later got support via it's community. Xcompmgr doesn't get much changes but more because it doesn't need to.. wouldn't call it dead. Compton is live and well as always... and I haven't heard of any forks on it.
Just some kind of option(s) for the menu would be nice tho' like changing the icon, setting what categories, arranging programs into different categories, not expecting anything as good as the whisker menu but just something would be nice

+Daniel Sandman because one has commits, doesn't mean exactly much, when they produce a new stable tarball I'm sure then it may be considered for inclusion.
When Mate was introduced for Solus I expressed my concern and reservations that it would not only open Pandora's box of people asking for different DEs (which kept happening on this g+ page), but also distract resources from Budgie and the unified vision of Solus in funds, time, and focus.

This post serves to illustrate that point clearly: budgie is pending a rewrite and has been for a while now and has several outstanding bugs. Case in point: drawing error that happens when the panel is drawn at the top first if the main panel is placed at the bottom of the screen rather than top. Or the spinning progress circle that seems to spin forever after an application is opened. I suppose the specifics aren't even that important.

And yet the status update is about a new MATE Menu. For me it is difficult to understand why an alternate DE is taking precedence over the default, main DE for the distribution. Especially when we consider that this isn't new features we are talking about but rather current functionality that does not work as it intended. Also worth remembering - this is what newcomers are greeted with when they first install Solus, and form their first impressions of the Operating System.

I will be candid - for me this is a disappointment.

I am a big fan of Solus, I try to support the project within my limited means,recently bought some UNIX stickers, and remain a patreon supporter for the time being. I acknowledge that the team at Solus does not owe me anything and are of course free to do with it whatever they please.

Having said that, it felt wrong to remain silent especially when thoughts of jumping ship are becoming more frequent with subsequent announcements. I was always taught that honesty is the best policy, I think its fair to at least take the time to communicate one more time prior to eloping for greener pastures.

Thats my .02.

Look 'ere, will this be compilable on FreeBSD and suchlike with Mate?
+John Doe I've written this all in a single day (24 hr period, I sleep at odd times.). Go check the git log if you don't believe me. It's not detracting resources, and to be frank I find two issues with your post:

1) Feeling you you have the right to control what Solus does
2) Holding us hostage financially.

It's extremely unfair. I also think you're forgetting everything else that is going on at the moment, which has been to drastically improve our infrastructure to allow Solus to scale properly, with our build system now replaced. Budgie ALREADY had a rewrite, that was Budgie 10 (And let's not forget Budgie 8!).

Budgie 11 is an ongoing process and I sure as hell won't rush it. if you look at the README, kindly provided in the link above to the git repo, you'll see that this code is a double investment, as the code used here will be reused in Budgie 11 to replace the very broken Budgie menu.

Again, you're being very unfair, and I shouldn't even have to explain this. But I have, because now you've made it a problem in this thread. I hope that sufficiently explains it for you.

Edit: Any other questions, please do ask. Best to get this all out of the way in one go.. :)
Looks nice. MATE has always been missing a good menu imo
I agree with +Daniel Sandman, Compton is live. Also there are already packages for install Compton in Solus.
+Daniel Sandman Last commit was a PR over 3 months and no release in over 3 years. Hardly call that living. Call it a zombie? Maybe. But it isn't going in the repo.
+The Canadian Bacon As long as code are being pushed it can not be called dead. Period. Code can be feature complete and thus not need many releases.
+Daniel Sandman Well surely if it's feature complete, they'd be able to tag a stable release. Doesn't really change the situation though.
+Joshua Strobl It could probably get more love but you don't need releases to be called alive. It could simply be that you don't add features anymore.
I like matches.

im glad to see that the new brisk menu will be used to update the budgie menu, maybe brisk menu has options? can't wait to try it out. I think once budgie has a good menu then in my eyes the budgie desktop is complete, raven is perfect and love the screenshot and hastebin applets(best I have seen in any desktop) :)
+Solus Fantastic work. I'm not a MATE user myself, but I look forward to the improvements this will bring to Budgie.
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