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The short answer: “not much” The long answer is that I worked on Catch the Wind for a long time, but I couldn’t get anything out of it that didn’t bore me to tears. Then I went out of town. I am still plugging away, and I’d like to think that something…

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I feel exhilarated, nervous, excited, wary, accomplished and hungry (it is past suppertime after all). I spent the afternoon laying down rhythm guitar tracks for seven songs. No, not thinking about doing some songs. Not just talking about it. Actually…

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Spring Training 2032
Carrock Bears @ Moria Miners from Khazad-dum Stadium

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On what the Charleston shooting was REALLY about

Rick Perry referred to it was an "accident" and probably involved overuse of prescription drugs:

Michael Savage thought it might be drugs, too. Or maybe a government assassin:

But Rick Santorum said it was all about attacks on religious liberty:

Fox & Friends agreed, it might very well be part of the ongoing attacks on Christians:

Regardless of the motivation, we know why it turned out as tragic as it did ... because the church was a "gun-free zone":

Brian Fischer confirms the shooting took place because it was a "gun-free zone":

Fox & Friends is definitely behind the idea that more guns would have averted the tragedy:

Mike Huckabee definitely thinks the prayer group should have been packing:

Yup, no question that it was because the church was a "gun-free zone":

And one NRA board member makes it clear that it was actually the fault of the killed pastor of the church because of his support for gun control laws:

It surely had nothing to do with why a guy would wear a jacket with the flags of white-minority-government Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa on it, nor how he was able to get a gun because of loopholes in the law in South Carolina. That's just crazy talk.

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Wow. I am outta here. I didn't realize how spoilerific this group was going to be. I haven't watched the latest episode, but spoilers are splashing all over my news feed without any chance of averting my eyes. Craptastic. :(

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Super foggy all day
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So, talk to me about Chromebooks. Why would I get one? I just see a large version of my phone with a keyboard. What's the point?

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