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Thank you for sharing Mary
Many people believe that going for a massage is a luxury. For me, the 90 minute treatments at +Sollievo Massage and Bodywork each week is a vital part of my health and wellness training plan. It's a place where I create The Miracle of Healing.
Because of the events of domestic violence three years after contracting paralytic polio, my neuromuscular system did not have the opportunity to fully recover from paralytic polio. The miracle is that I now have the opportunity to heal. I experienced the simple pleasures of pouring a pot of tea and last Sunday ate soup with a calm hand. The miracle is that despite all the ugliness I witnessed of the darkest side of humanity; despite all the pain and suffering I endured, I experience the beauty and love that is in the world. Even though I had encountered three rather unethical and unprofessional "bodyworkers", I dared to trust one more time and found my way to Joseph's healing hands and heart, and to Laura and Rose, the loving, caring and tender co-owners of Sollievo.  #healing #inspiration #healthandwellness   #polio #miracles  

Find Relief ... Find Sollievo . Open 7 days a week!

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You are one amazing person Mary.  Thank you for sharing.
Channeling my Inner Wilma Rudolph and Reflections on the Healing Power of Touch
When Wilma Rudolph was four years old, she contracted paralytic polio and went into a leg brace. Doctors told her mother she'd never walk again. With the fierceness of a mother and family's love, they combined regular physical therapy sessions with leg mass...

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Mary, all of us at Sollievo Massage are so proud of you.  Your hard work, determination and heart made it possible.  We knew you could do it.  Congratulations!
Post Race Celebration Bill Rodgers 5K Run/Walk for Prostate I had under a minute to get my PR but I did it! 46:53 - a new PR since I've been back on the roads. This is what this race and this is what running is all about! Phil Lipof from WCVB TV Boston shared my inspirational story after today's Bill Rodgers 5K Run/Walk for Prostate Cancer.

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Thank you Mary - Keep up the good work.

Some insights and reflections, soul lessons learned in living with the late effects of polio. Deeply grateful to +Sollievo Massage and Bodywork for the space to heal all that went before and for a place to discover what I need to do to create an optimal healing environment for myself. #trauma #healing #wellbeing #postpolio #selfcare  

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If you have not seen this video, take a couple of minutes to watch it - simply amazing.
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