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Solinst Canada Ltd. manufactures high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation.
Solinst Canada Ltd. manufactures high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation.

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Get an overview of the #telemetry systems that #Solinst offers for remote #water level monitoring, including the LevelSender, STS and RRL:

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For temporary applications, such as pumping or other #aquifer characterization tests, #Solinst offers a convenient reel to mount your #Levelogger #water level datalogger Direct Read Cable:

When using a #Solinst Model 464 Electronic #Pump Control Unit with our 12 Volt Compressor for #groundwater #sampling, it is recommended to use an External Filter. Solinst now offers an External Filter that simply connects to the supply line of the Model 464 and traps moisture, reducing the risk of it entering the Control Unit:

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#Solinst #Levelogger Valuable Tool in West Coast #Intertidal Study

Researchers from the #Biology Department at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, USA, and the Zoology Department at Oregon State are studying the growth and survival effects of intertidal elevation and wave shock on purple sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus).

The study is being carried out at seven locations on the west coast of North America: Mabens Beach, British Columbia, Canada; Bodega Marine Reserve, California; Punta Baja, Baja California; and four other locations off the coasts of California and Oregon.

Dr. Michael Russell, professor at Villanova University, says that the overall aim of the study is to determine if large-scale / long-term fluctuations in ocean conditions can be detected as demographic changes in an intertidal organism. The study integrates historical records of life history characteristics with on-going monitoring of physical and biological processes.

At each study location, a subset of tidepools was chosen with differing tidal and wave exposures. Some of the pools contain tagged sea urchins that were studied in the 1980’s.

Solinst Levelogger data loggers were selected for this project. Each #tidepool was instrumented with a Levelogger to record accurate temperature and pressure readings, in order to document intertidal elevations and pressures from wave action.

Leveloggers were installed by drilling holes in the rock of the tidepools. Stainless steel pipes were used to house each of the Leveloggers in the holes. The pipes were cemented in place using waterproof epoxy and holes drilled in the caps to let sufficient water enter the housings.

Leveloggers are set to record temperature and pressure readings over the course of one year. Storm duration data and maximum pressure change from wave energy will then be used to correlate with sea urchin growth.

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#Solinst Double Valve #Pumps Preferred in the UK

Cory Environmental, a leading recycling and waste management company, operates in over 30 locations around the UK developing and maintaining #recycling and #landfill facilities. Over the years, they have purchased and tested a number of #groundwater #sampling instruments for use in monitoring programs at their landfill sites.

In the past, portable submersible pumps and specialized air drive pumps were used without much success. These pumps were costly to maintain and purchase, and difficult to operate. Unsatisfied, the search continued for an alternative. Their search criteria included:
-Adjustable pumping to 1 L/min +
-Ability to cope with silty water
-Economical and easy to maintain
-Following installation, sampling possible by one technician

In 2005, Cory selected one landfill site as a test bed for dedicated pumps. After a series of field trials, the Solinst Double Valve Pump (DVP) was chosen as the preferred option, as it met all of their criteria and outperformed the other competitor air driven systems. Since then, Cory has purchased and installed 60 Solinst dedicated DVP’s, at a number of sites with varying hydrogeological conditions. They have been satisfied with both dedicated PVC and portable Stainless Steel versions purchased in 2006. Malcolm Cox, of Cory, says: “The Double Valve Pumps have proven to be the best solution for obtaining high quality purged samples, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of time required to obtain each sample”.

Advantages of the Solinst DVP noted by Cory Environmental included:
-Easy installation in 50 mm (2”) boreholes
-Successful purging in deep applications
-Handled silt in wells without difficulty
-Utilized to remove silt from boreholes
-Performed in wells with low water levels
-Technicians quick to learn operation
-Low costs allowed pump dedication
-Custom alterations to design made almost every sampling location manageable by one field technician
-No significant loss in performance using air supply source 500 m (1,640 ft) away

At Solinst, we are very proud that Cory Environmental, with their expertise and experience in groundwater monitoring, selected the Solinst Double Valve Pump as their preferred sampling option. In the series of challenging field trials, the Solinst DVP proved itself.

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#Solinst provides data sheets and instructions in Spanish, for all of our #groundwater and #surfacewater #monitoring products. Check out the #Spanish section on our website!

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At a recent #Solinst #Symposium, Patryk Quinn discussed #packertesting equipment he designed to be used for conducting hydraulic tests in #fracturedrock, for #contaminant transport studies.

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Watch the recovery of a Solinst Barologger after being buried in ice for over three months - the result of an avalanche in Chile. The Barologger was found to be in good working order with data intact.

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Get a 360 degree view of the #Solinst Model 122 #Interface #Meter. #InterfaceMeters are ideal for detecting #LNAPL and #DNAPL layers in water.

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