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Happy Thanksgiving, and a SAFE Black Friday

Just a quick note from +Solar VPS hoping that you and your loved ones had a great, relaxing, love-filled, and otherwise wonderful #thanksgiving  yesterday.

And as many of us are contemplating on making ourselves a heaping plate of calorie-laden leftovers for lunch today or if we should eat healthy to make up for yesterday's feast, some of us are wading through the #retail  crowds for Black Friday.

If you're one of those brave souls, we want to just say that no deal is worth trampling, punching, shoving, or otherwise physically harming another human for. So enjoy #blackfriday  and save some money, but be #safe  and kind to your fellow shopper!

#lol   #funny   #thanksgiving2014   #blackfriday2014   #solarvps  

comic image source: +desk warming 

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Great Little Coffee Love Story

We've seen plenty of cute little #webcomics  that show how a person's true love can give them the motivation to go on.

And while usually that true #love  is in the form of another human, we have to say we resonated with this version below a bit more.

After all - #coffee  is always there for us, each and every morning (and often times during the afternoon and sometimes even late at night), and always gives us the energy to get through the day.

Please not, however, we're not suggestion you shove away the human love of your life as part of your morning routine. That can lead to problems that even coffee can't fix.

#funny   #coffeelovers   #coffeetime   #lol   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

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Finally, A Protest We Can Get Behind

Is it finally happening? Are we getting old and crotchety? Because when we hear ourselves complain about how retail outlets and the world in general seems to be starting to decorate for #christmas  earlier and earlier each year, it sure sounds like we're getting older.

But we honestly saw some #christmasdecorations  as early as Halloween this year! That's just way too early.

Being that we're only two days away from #thanksgiving  , we'll allow the stuff we're seeing now...but let's try to enjoy each holiday as it comes, shall we?

#funny   #lol   #holidayseason   #holidays2014   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

image via +Imgur 

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A Catch So Good You Forget to Do Your Job

Whether you're a die-hard #football  fan, don't even know what +NFL stands for, or somewhere in between, you've probably seen and heard about the absolutely insane catch made by +Odell Beckham of the +New York Giants last night.

And while most of #america  was watching in pure awe, it's the kind of moment that a #sports   #photographer  lives for...the best and most compelling #photo  of a great moment like that could cement your place in the industry.

But sometimes, very witness something so incredible that you have to join the rest of us normal folks and simply stand there and be amazed. #odellbeckhamjr  gave us one of those moments last night, and this shot of a truly awestruck photographer encapsulates it perfectly!

#funny   #lol   #odellbeckham   #newyorkgiants   #dallascowboys   #nfl   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

photo via +reddit 

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Before I Go, Tell Me Something...

As The Incredibles movie from Pixar (and before that, the first Austin Powers flick) taught us, evil geniuses have a bad habit of detailing their evil plans right before offing the hero.

But if the hero in question is a bit of a #tech   #nerd  - he or she may very well be more interested in some of the insane #technology  that evil geniuses always seem to possess.

This awesome little web comic (via ZHX) shows exactly this predicament...and we have to say, we'd be more interested in a nine display mega HD heads up display than a cliched plan for world domination, too!

#funny   #lol   #geek   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

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Haven't You Heard of Incognito Mode?

Or if +Google Chrome isn't your #browser  of choice, it's called Private Mode.

Regardless, there are better ways to keep your...after hours...browsing away from prying eyes! Although as the warning screen on #chrome  notes, your ISP or employer will still be able to see which sites you visit, so use wisely.

And although obviously this is just a #joke  - you can purchase a Life Alert-esque bracelet just like this, but we wouldn't recommend it. Doctors, nurses, and first responders do check for serious care-related bracelets, and something like this could delay you getting the care you need.

But it's #funny  though!

#lol   #incognitomode   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

image via +Imgur 

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Mattel Apologizes After Portraying Barbie as an Incompetent Programmer

Yesterday on their Facebook page, toy giant and creator of the most iconic #doll  in history Mattel issued an apology after growing resentment over how a Barbie book portrayed her as a hapless computer engineer.

The book, entitled Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer, depicts #barbie  as a bumbling ditz only capable of successfully accomplishing her #programming  tasks with the help of her male friends.

Although the book was initially published in 2010, a steadily growing wave of flack recently hit its peak, causing the toy maker to officially apologize:

The Barbie I Can Be A Computer Engineer book was published in 2010. Since that time we have reworked our Barbie books. The portrayal of Barbie in this specific story doesn’t reflect the Brand’s vision for what Barbie stands for. We believe girls should be empowered to understand that anything is possible and believe they live in a world without limits. We apologize that this book didn’t reflect that belief. All Barbie titles moving forward will be written to inspire girl's imaginations and portray an empowered Barbie character.

This +The Huffington Post article links to a +Gizmodo article that has a breakdown of the most offending/misogynistic passages.

While it seems that #mattel  might have had the right idea in mind - trying to show that the world of computers and #technology  isn't out of reach for  #barbie  - that message wasn't conveyed very skillfully.

What are your thoughts?

#news   #barbie_dolls   #programmer   #computer   #computerscience   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

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Keep Dreaming, Folks

And we mean that in a non-snarky, literal way. The #technology  which we enjoy on a daily basis can sometimes leave us to take it for granted.

But was ecstatic to see the overwhelmingly positive response that the +European Space Agency, ESA received with the #cometlanding  and can only hope that such amazing feats of #science  and #spaceexploration  can continue to give our younger generation hope to dream.

Because when #america  won the Space Race and landed on the #moon  in 1969, it inspired an entire generation of people to achieve things previously thought impossible. We can only hope that #rosetta  and #philae  can do the same, as #neildegrassetyson  says here in this #gif  from the +HBO show +Real Time With Bill Maher 

#scienceeveryday   #hope   #future   #tech   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 
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Best. Nutcracker. EVER.

We know, we know - the time of the year in which people start promoting #christmas  and the #holidayseason  gets earlier and earlier each year. And we agree.

But we've got to admit - this #gif  of this insanely #cool  new design for a #nutcracker  has officially got us in the #holiday  spirit!

Yes, we're nerds.

But it's not too often you see a radical new design for something...and the standard soldier nutcracker is so ubiquitous with Christmas that we can't help but get excited.

But considering how hard some walnuts are to crack, would like everyone to urge caution if they use this style of nutcracker...we wouldn't want to imagine what a *finger*m might look like if it got stuck under there!

#awesome   #nuts   #holidays2014   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

gif source and *Naomi Nutcracker designer via +Red Dot Shop 
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Amazing High-Res Illustration of Space Exploration History

First of all, a pro tip - be sure to click on the image and use the zoom feature here in +Google+ to see all the detail.

Now that that's out of the way...with all the recent (and well-deserved) hoopla and attention regarding the #rosetta  mission and the #philae  landing on #comet67p  - the folks over at +5W Infographic LLC created this amazing #infographic  that details the #spaceexploration  missions over the past 50 years.

And once again, would like to give a hearty #congratulations  to the +European Space Agency, ESA on a job well done!

#space   #science   #cometlanding   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 
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