After failing to meet the strict quality criteria for comments in The Slovenia Times this went on the poetry bonfire...


Eco-plan: not quite seventies yet.
Environmentally friendly roulette.
The Whole Earth Catalog
Recommends chicken smog.
Green-tourism-wash? Place your bet.

Besides hydro-powered roulette we offer green poker, greenjack, and green craps.

You won't find environmentally damaging intensively farmed oranges and lemons on our slot machines - only zucchini, mung beans, and a wholewheat sausage.

After a night of squinting across the green baize and nibbling squashed poultry products why not help a green prostitute to get through college?

HIT casinos and envirohippies have much in common - a tendency to yearn for an imaginary idyllic past, and an aversion to profit.

The past they revere was full of myopic, irrational idiots whose tourist expeditions were mostly wars and flights from famine.

Of course Slovenia does however have some beautiful sights - just stay away from anything the tourism industry has touched and you'll be quids in.

The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - all you have to do is believe your rabbit's foot can save the planet.
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