plans for the future - from the nposialpu archive!

Slovenia now leads the world in photoshopped cities populated by sims.  

As a hypothetical future visitor to this virtual architectural world you'll be able to...

shake yourself violently in the Baroque monasterial surroundings of

blend in invisibly with

or keep underwater search teams busy by skateboarding on

Fancy some art?  Why not buzz like wasps around

lurk pointlessly outside

flatly deny your three-dimensionality at

explore the air conditioning systems of

or simply march pointlessly up and down in any direction except towards

Virtual city facilities like these Maribor Art Galleries prevent noisy construction sites, save on building and running costs, and art, and you can have as many as you want in the one space you would have wasted on a real building - if only you hadn't spent all the money on architectural competitions.

It makes sense to me.  What would you rather do with a Mac?  Play with one in a nice warm office?  Or wear one to trudge round a muddy hole with a theodolite?

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