Halfway through the reign of Alenka The Legs, and seven months before The Great Deletion, the gods unplugged the land of the Slov-en-i-ites, and it was very, very cold...


Finding nothing about local clergy cool
God responds with a strike, though not surgical -
With the price now of bolts
He don't waste volts on dolts:
Pylon major mishap metallurgical.

It was time for revenge from above, what with the hapless Slovenian citizenry - believers and atheists alike - now on the hook via the bad bank for half a billion euros of the money lost by wino-to-organ-to-porno conglomerate Archdiocese of Maribor plc (note: no business connection to Vatican City Titty Corp).

Church debt constitutes 10% of the bad bank's remit.  Four fifths of that relates to their typically megalomaniac attempt to control the internet, via ISP/Telco T2.  

As the Slovenian internet offered the only glimmer of hope that NLB, NKBM and Abanka might see some of your money again, T2 and its optical network project were spirited off under a traditional murky, media-proof cloud of Catholic shock and confusion to companies Gratel and Rešet.  

With NLB in hot pursuit of these assets and trying to put T2's owners into bankruptcy, owner Jurij Krč - suddenly one of Slovenia's richest tycoons - has put them yet further out of reach by giving the Slovenian internet to his brother.  As you do.

But of course you need electricity for an internet.  The old gods know this and they're back - with this suitably anti-phallic expression of their displeasure.  

Maybe these pylons would have benefitted from gromoviti znaki.


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