Remember the 90s?

As the Slovenian Sovereign Holding, manager of state capital assets, fat insurers Modra zavarovalnica and Adriatic Slovenica, and assorted mutual funds flog off one of Slovenia's biggest food companies Žito, my message to the new owners is put LOTS more jam in the bloody doughnuts.

These communist insurance-accountant flavoured doughnuts are like the ones we used to have in the 70s: monotonous, chewy affairs with a tiny, unpredictably-located speck of uninspiringly-flavoured "jam" somewhere inside. Always of floury apricot here, probably for some murky political family reason.

Where are the apple and cinnamon ones? Can the new Croatian owners persuade the Slovenians to enjoy food, or are things about to get even more Catholic?

The secular, Marxist ideology-free British doughnut has grown wetter and stickier over the years, which is good for everybody.  And of course sunny, dusty Europe cannot so easily grow the stand-up flour we enjoy from our northern dominions.

I fear we're heading for doughnuts with no jam whatsoever, like the odd, aberrant specimens which occasionally used to disappoint NPOSIALPU in his youth, likely due to some industrial jam-pumping problem. No-nuts, we used to call those.

Eventually those smug, old-time food producers realised that if something was nice, people used to buy more. Catholics, we know, are repelled by pleasure. The communist idea is to pack any doughnut dissidents off to Goli Otok, of course.
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