Former Kočevje Mayor J Veber,
Did not want gypsy tribe as his neighbour.
Looking over defence
Views in similar sense
German takeover, seeks a big aber.

Yes, humourless continental Europeans, I do know that's not the correct pronounciation.

Roma-allergic national activist Janko Veber has been using military intelligence to scratch around trying to find rational, or at least non-xenophobic-looking excuses to oppose Deutsche Telekom's alleged plan to take over Slovenija Telekom.  

For instance, what about disaster and emergency services?  Do we really want the Germans listening in to our floods and forest fires and guessing what equipment Slovenia is going to order from them, even before we call?

The MP raises an important point regarding Slovenian sovereignty.

Give me one good reason why Slovenia would even want its telephones connected to foreign countries? Slovenia is perfectly capable of doing everything itself, and has plenty of messenger boys (mostly rappers).

Continued connection to alien phones can only lead to the destruction of our unique culture of drinking, sausages, and accordion music.  To see what sort of natural disasters will be avoided by severing all the cables at our borders, you only have to look at the euro.
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