NPOSIALPU's poem and comment correcting Slovenia's official baby statistic was erased from The Slovenia Times in the Time Of The Great Deletion...


Here statistics and graph lines quite curvy
Have been spun into claims topsy-turvy.
They can count beers and change,
But these birth stats are strange:
Lovey-dovey stuff makes Slovenes nervy.

This positive-sounding article is very educational for anyone interested in misleading journalistic science nonsense.  

According to the CIA World Factbook the 2012 population growth rate of Slovenia is -0.19.

The CIA will definitely know this as they have been listening to every creak.

The figure quoted in this article is in fact not the Population Growth Rate at all.  It is the Total Fertility Rate.

A negative PGR such as -0.19 means the population is falling, as you might expect from a TFR less than the replacement rate of around 2.1.

(The replacement rate is not 2, because of the slightly higher sex ratio of boys to girls).

If the population growth rate was 1.3 per 1000, then the number of babies born in all of Slovenia would be 2053000 / 1000 x 1.3 ...that's 2669 babies.

No EU country is above the replacement rate and Slovenia is 209th out of 222 countries for which the TFR is available:  

With bars choosing to close down rather than face the government's demands that they transmit their beer statistics directly to Laško government headquarters, this depressing trend is set to continue, as no respectable Slovenian girl can face live, non-battery-powered sex action - without first being rendered close to unconsciousness.  

Let's hope HSE goes bankrupt and we have some power cuts.

The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand isn't surprised by any of this.
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