OHM I GOTT...The Slovenia Times has deleted all its readers' comments evvah! Including this historic item from this article...


The pre-inaugural meeting of the planned Društvo Lang Bang Fajn Imam met at NPOSIALPU headquarters in Ptuj yesterday evening.

Summarising events so far - all the non-Slovenians concurred on the core concept being an interesting phenomenon - that they made much faster progress and were much more comfortable speaking Slovenian when there were no Slovenians around.

The problems of low language self-esteem and the arrogant nationalistic cover story of those who imagine, contrary to all reality, that learning Slovene for foreigners is the mirror image of learning English for Slovenes received supporting evidence.  A very drunk angry racist village boy in the pub was identified as the archetypal problem in emotive anti-educational pressures.


Inputs from Quadri- and Quinti-lingual non-Slovenian speakers who were unable to attend the dinner were represented, while native speakers declared the situation somewhat tragicomic and themselves to varying degrees helpless in the absence of an agreed (method of imparting their) language.

Dinner was roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, sesame and onion rice, chick pea/pear/walnut/raisin/onion and pork stuffing with spicy gravy, followed by pear/pineapple/strawberry and ginger flan with no complaints except for one Slovenian who believes garlic is foreign and toxic to him. Among the lighter asides were a photo of a toilet roll display from Tuš which reads "Vikend BUM cena", and reminiscences of a Ljubljana prostitute.


A fundamental schism between Slovenia and reality was generally accepted by all sides. Next action - form filling - is planned for midweek. Anyone interested in attending future meetings or hosting an informal dinner please contact the organisers on najskapati@gmail.com don't worry you're already reading those.
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