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National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand
Interpreting Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world
Interpreting Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world

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Back in the day, everywhere was like Slovenia. Men were men and women weren't. Women who smoked were sluts.

88 years since Edward L Bernays "empowered" women smokers, the grisly awfulness of misused mass psychology encircles the globe like a boa.

Public relations media manipulation was bad enough when it was just trying to sell shit such as Lidl's Silvercrest SSMP 2000A1 LB3-16 Standmixer Pro food mixer.

To progress from defending the odd indefensible product to installing entire regimes to do its bidding was only a type of capitalist efficiency, from banana republics to the Brexitrumps of today.

Towed from empire to empire, ending in the present theo-oligarchic attempt to please a tough and divided crowd, present-day Slovenia never had long enough to toy with the notion of freedom in a 70s way to actually miss it now.

It's all in the art of the flip. Bernays' "torches of freedom" march was designed to flip public perceptions of the image of women smoking (even in public) from sluttiness to sophisticatedness, when it had become clear to too many people from their own behaviour that they could not possibly be responsible for that amount of sluttiness.

The flipping process was enabled by the way in which the behaviour of smoking and the opinion about sluttiness had become yoked together in public opinion.

In the ensuing rebellion for someone else's cause, non-smoking for a bad reason was exchanged for smoking for the opposite of a bad reason...which, disappointingly, turns out not to be a good reason.

flip flop

Brexitrump was a flip in which the unnatural behavioural demands of political correctness and a realistic world view were flipped in favour of a myopic view of self-interest with the promise that simple ideas will win, if we just act within national borders.

Fanatical ethnicism has always worked out really well in the past. So would any national Hungarian iodine-131 on its way to Slovenia from dirty medical reactors please turn around at Rédics thanks.

Brexitrump was an all-or-quits rampage, just like Peter the Hermit's people's crusade (1096). If you didn't sell up the farm for peanuts to go off a-burning and a-raping and a-looting across Europe to get to Jerusalem to expiate your sins, you were definitely an enemy of the people.

Nobody knew what to do with these problematical pilgrims, who visited bloodshed and mayhem from Neuss to Niš. What were Peter's qualifications? Like Farage and Trump, he knew the right guy for creepy Facebook analytics (Pope Urban II).

The hermit guy (Trump) wore simple clothes (this was before Ralph Lauren) - he rode a donkey (equivalent to a BMW today) - and had a letter personally signed by himself for chrissakes. Still think you're an individual with free will? Get over it.


so yesterday

we know where you live and which biscuits you like

why we flip - overloaded back end flipping hell

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power words

In the as yet unwon battle against the hegemony of money - which ought really to be called hegemoney - only one word will make any difference to high-rise building safety - uninsurable.

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If there was any doubt that Miha, 30, had some psychologically-defined parental issues, like having to live with them, that all went out of the window when he finally matured, and cut dad's head off with an axe.

It's only seven weeks since the last (double) decapitation in Slovenia - a brother and a grandmother.

And a couple of years ago a guy released from psychiatric detention for killing his mother went right back to the village and chopped off his father's head.

It seems they like to be sure here.

In the UK one beheading can keep the presses going full steam for months.

In Slovenia they shrug - it's not random serial killers or terrorists you need to worry about, but family tensions. You can see it's a very small country.

beheadings of march 2017

beheading of 2014

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slovenian wine

Unofficial non-existent global weather disturbances and unpopular insurance companies are threatening to ruin viticulturalists after two once-in-a-century spring frosts in a row.

Last year's 1 in 100-year chance-inspired bad minus temperatures were a freak event, according to statisticians.

And so are this year's, meaning that Slovenia's statistical century now began in 2017, and not 2001 as previously believed.

Foreigners, including Slovenian First Husband foreign King MacDonald, were believed to be responsible for the poor weather.

Ptuj, whose wine cellar welcomes tourists who like light music and has wine dating back to 1917, will celebrate the centennial by drinking beer and shouting.

frosty reception

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burning desires

Responsible people's tabloid Slovenske Novice digs deep into its readers' psyche.

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road safety

A 50-year old motorcyclist died instantly in a violent collision with a speeding 26-year-old in an Audi A6, who lost control, hitting the hard shoulder before veering into the opposite carriageway.

Such accidents often involve Balkan disco music.

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military pursuits

Lincolnshire has now overtaken Slovenia in canine copulation although no-one has actually been killed doing it in Bomber County yet. I am glad to see the RAF was involved and I hope the Echo will continue to mention it every day or two for the next 70 years lest we ever forget and perhaps erect a memorial to dog bonking at a cost of millions, perhaps with a flea past and a dog fight by the Red Arrooooooos.

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world of brexitrump

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middle class mayhem

Murder trial judge Špela Koleta will be eaten by worms even before she dies, according to yelling from the public gallery by folks cranked up on SDS anti-communist propaganda.

So say supporters of Milko Novič, as he was sentenced to 25 years for shooting dead his former boss at Slovenia's Chemistry Institute in the street in central Ljubljana.

Institute Director Janko Jamnik was a scientist of international stature with a Hirsch Index of 34.

Far from being the witch hunt these observers believe, the trial hinged on a rational assessment of forensic evidence and motivation (Novič had a grudge with the Institute and Jamnik).

Gunpowder residue analysis is not discussed in the Bible and therefore does not count for superstitious country bumpkins, who neither comprehend nor value scientific method, and probably see legal process as a poor substitute for tried and tested methods such as village gossip, economic marginalisation of minorities and non-believers, and lynching.

For some time now, easily manipulated ideological nutfucks have been convinced that major trials in Slovenia have been skewed by a communist-infested judiciary, notably that of SDS party leader and two time former PM Janez Janša, who after a spell in prison finally slithered free from bribery charges in an arms deal with Finland, after the statute of limitations preempted his appeal.

His constituency is swelled with pitchfork-waving Catholic rednecks still angry that their Nazi-supporting antecedents were somewhat extrajudicially wiped out by Tito and his partisans "after" the war.

Having nothing better to offer than blaming their enemy Slovenians, generalising the alleged judicial bias remains in the interests of those who depend on their vote.

Due to their limited mental capacity and short attention span (they can't remember what happened before last weekend but historical resentments are baked in due to being forced by the alcohol economy to live with their grandparents) Slovenia's squares have arranged for elections and referendums to take place on Sunday so that the priest can remind them of their duty.

Indeed factions both left and right in Slovenia are beyond the reach of reason, and share a common victimhood of future shock. For a British equivalent the nearest you could probably find are Dambusters types. It does not serve political propaganda purposes to recall that 65% of those killed in that bombing raid were foreign slave labourers, and the Guy Gibson story need not dwell on the fact that industrial production in the Ruhr recovered in four months.

And so it is too for the inheritors of the equally unproductive fascist and communist regimes of yesteryear. For the Lincolnshire Echo and Slovenia, WW2 must not be allowed to conclude.

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