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Solarcidal Tendencies
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Also, Dune. Now GoT has people in an epic story mode, how about a four season run, covering the first four Dune novels? This should happen.

Can never quite decide whether or not they should do a TV adaptation of The Dark Tower. Could they do it right? Would it work onscreen? Hmm.

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Ben Tanzer. Gordon Highland. Brandon Tietz. Rebecca Jones-Howe. Jessica Leonard. Garrett Cook. Axel Taiari.

Visions, plagues, angels. A different view of the miracle of birth. Bestialty farms, departing souls, talking cold-sores, and of course, elder gods.

Len Kuntz. Andrea Taylor. Michael Riser. Renee Pickup

Solarcidal Tendencies. The only anthology you need. Twisted fiction and dark humour. Perfect for when the sun dies.

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Book Covers!
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Post has attachment  - Publisher. Portfolio. Playground. Weird Fiction. Home of Martin Garrity & Nathan Pettigrew. Wicked words.

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