The Footcare Nurse:

-Evaluates the condition of your feet with the objective of preventing and relieving discomfort.
-Knows that medical problems such as arthritis, arthritis, diabetes and circulatory disorders affect your feet.
-Knows that you need healthy feet to maintain independence.

The responsibilities of the foot care nurse include the following:

-Assessment and care plan;
-Skin care: corns, callouses, etc.;
-Nail care: ingrown, thickened, etc.;
-Comfort and well being;
-Health promotion: prevention and education.

In addition, the Nurse:

-Is bound by professional confidentiality;
-Maintains records to ensure appropriate follow-up;
-Follows strict nursing care methods and sterilization procedures;
-Refers clients to other health professionals when necessary;
-Provides relevant information and recommendations to clients.
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