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Making humans obsolete since 2152
Making humans obsolete since 2152

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Minivacation. 0 hours remain

Today was for running in the heat, and a Sunday sunset. 
South Stradbroke, Day Three
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Day two of the tiny vacation.

Turns out, if you want to make the autovideo work, you really need to be taking a lot of photos. Today's is... not that great. 

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Experiments in autovideos continue.

Tiny vacation, this weekend. South Stradbroke Island. Seems like an archetypical Resort island - spas, beaches, restaurants, bike trails... 
South Stradbroke, Day One
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#Soylent log, days 8-20. Stardate foresight eccentric graduated datasucker.

Made some changes to the recipe, and I'm so much happier with it. The first change is that I'm using a different, flavoured, protein, because the protein is by far the most prominent taste in the thing - and this one seems to dissolve in easier, too. The second change is that I've halved the amount of cocoa, which really helps in the taste department too.

The biggest change is that I've reduced the amount of milk per day. Just a bit, from 1L to 750ml, but that's enough for a couple of big improvements: I can now make four days worth at once, and the total quantity of soylent per day is less.

After rebalancing everything else, the final quantity for four days is about 5.3-5.4 litres. Storing that is still only about as hard as storing the 4.x litres per two days of the older recipe, too. Plus, I still seem to be having a bit less than this theoretical number, so it stretches to about 4.5 days ish.

So. Much. Happier.


So this is batches three and four, each 4-4.5 days worth. You may have noticed that this is a log for 13 days, though.

Yea, I absolutely haven't been having soylent exclusively. 

That said, it hasn't really been by choice. Riverfire week involved (too) many Social Eating Occasions, and some bad planning meant I ran out of flour right at the end of the fourth batch. Still, that's more than one-third of my meals that haven't been soylent, which is ... problematically high.

I don't think it's me subconsciously avoiding soylent. In fact, when I don't get to have soylent, I've noticed myself getting a bit antsy - I've gotten used to just knowing that I'm having the right macros in the right amounts, and quantity management is so much easier, too.

Fluidity is ... interesting. When I make it, the substance is basically liquid. It thickens considerably in the fridge overnight, to the point where it becomes easier to eat it with a spoon by the third and fourth days.

I've been mixing it half-and-half with water, lately, cup by cup. This helps bolster my water intake, is much easier, and is even tastier - it's basically like a cookies-n-cream-n-chocolate milkshake. It makes it a bit harder to judge quantity, but it's fine - I have a 1.5L jug and the maths says I'm supposed to have just above 1.3L a day, so as long as there's still some left in the jug at the end of the day I call it good. 

My intended weight loss has started to show up. About 3kg, in three weeks. Allowing for the fact that weight measurements tend to lag diet by about a week, that's 1.5kg/week, which is under the maximum safe limit. I think I'm good :D

So, at the three week mark, I'm happy to call this experiment a success. I'll definitely be continuing, as much as I can.

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The Brisbane river festival is in full swing.

(And this HTC automatic video thing is cool.) 

#Soylent  log, days 3-7. Stardate neon neon distraction neon.

This is my second and almost finishing my third batch. My second batch lasted three days, because Saturday and Sunday involved Social Eating, and I had 300ml left over from the first batch on Friday, so I had 1.4+0.3litres, 1.2litres, and 1.4litres respectively. 

I thought eating normal food again after this would be some sort of profound experience - but nope. I still liked stuff I liked, I still didn't like stuff I didn't like. Food still tasted like food, and I didn't feel any greater compulsion or desire than normal.

My energy levels have been interesting to monitor. Normally I have a base low level of energy all day, and that extends well into the night to the point that I find it difficult to get to sleep until 3am. When I have around half of my soylent before noon, I have a high level of energy throughout the day, (which translates into better runs, easier exercise, and an easier time getting work done), but then I crash around 11-12pm.

When I wake up later and thus only really feel like having 1 cup, or a quarter of my soylent, before noon, my energy patterns go back to the low level throughout the day and sleeping much later.

But honestly, it's been pretty much more of the same, which is quickly becoming a theme when it comes to soylent. Sometimes I do have to force the stuff down, though this is mostly due to quantity rather than taste. 

On which note - I definitely want to get rid of the cocoa and get some flavoured protein in. I've never been the hugest fan of chocolate, and I can foresee this chocolate getting too chocolatey for my chocolate. This recipe-mangling depends on an order finally getting here dammit, and I don't want to have to make do with local inferior (i.e., unflavoured) versions again.


Tonight I'm having Real Food again, mostly due to the fact that there's some fruit and yogurt and juice in the house that would get wasted otherwise. This leaves me about half a day's leeway - cross your fingers with me that the order gets in tomorrow for the next batch...

#Soylent  Log, Day 2. Stardate neoteny standard drafting phylum.

(Written the following day.)

Had about 1.7-1.8 litres, which leaves what looks like a good 300ml left. I'm just not as hungry as the maths says I should be, I guess.

I woke up very late on day 2, and I'm not sure why - and I was incredibly sleepy at the end, when I'm normally capable of staying up much longer. Energy issues due to not having enough? I mean - I still went to sleep after midnight, so I guess this could be thought of as correcting a bad habit, but still...

I still didn't feel hungry at all until around 2:30 pm, but then I had about 1 litre of Soylent really rather quickly. This whole business of every signal your body giving you being about hunger and not desire is actually ridiculously convenient.

The Soylent seemed to have settled during its second night in the fridge - it was much smoother, less clumpy, and less floury. Still quite thick, though. It's kinda like chocolate mousse, actually; maybe a bit thicker than a normal mousse, but it feels equally as rich in terms of chocolate.

I'm going to see about replacing the cocoa with something else; I'm not that big a fan of chocolate!

And yea, I'm going to see if I can cut down on the flour. I'm not the hugest fan of how thick it is. Looking at the original recipe, Meta uses twice the flour I am, though much less protein isolate;  I'm using a low-carb macronutrient profile, so that makes sense. I think I have enough slow carbs with the flour and the cocoa, so let's see.

#Soylent Log, Day 1. Stardate lagrange carotid starshine greenhilt.

I've had about 1.9 litres, give or take, of the stuff. The major volume of this recipe is 2 litres of milk and 2 litres of water for two days, and the water is heated during the flour cooking process, so some could evaporate at the time, so I think that's about right. I've been having water as well, but probably not as much as I should. 

I definitely feel full. I've been feeling full all day, actually - and every time I feel ~not-full, I take another mouthful and all's good. That's actually the problem with water - water fills your stomach as well, so even if your mouth is thirsty you don't feel like having water. Hm.

I've had energy all day - I went running and hit a 9-minute pace over half an hour, which is good for me! - but I've not been at my best mentally. I'm not sure if that in particular is related to the Soylent; we'll see - I intend to do some Intense Coding Action tomorrow.

I noticed something odd, though. I'd smell food, and the first few times it happened I thought I was craving the food. But I wasn't. I wasn't hungry, and I didn't want to actually eat the food. It just simply a "oh, that smells nice", like an "oh, that looks nice" on a beautiful landscape. Decoupling "that smells nice" from "I want to eat that" is kind of a disorienting experience.

The mouthfeel of this batch is definitely kinda goopy and floury. Apart from me not cooking it properly, I think I overprovisioned on the flour to make up for other stuff - the base recipe has something like two-thirds the flour I used. I'll see if I can tweak that for the next batch. That said, the aftertaste is pleasantly chocolatey, and the occasional chewy bit is surprisingly inoffensive.

Onwards to Day 2!

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My first batch of homemade DIY Soylent. Two days worth, in that saucepan.

... The colour is from cocoa, you guys.

Taste is weird and floury, but the chocolate does shine through. I definitely didn't cook the flour properly, so I'll just have to deal for this batch.

Aaaaand... Down the hatch.

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