I'm fascinated by cultural and religious tradition which often appears to relate timeless wisdom.  For example, various traditions have long suggested that we are destined to live with the decisions of our ancestors, and that we also determine the fate of our progeny.

The field of epigenetics is the study of the markers on top of our genome that convey hereditary information aside from that determined by the sequence of our genomes.

Epigenetic markers are particularly interesting because they are not only written on top of our genetic code during our embryonic phase, but are also passed down by us for many generations.  All this is to say we are subject to the decisions of ancestors as encoded in their epigenetic makeup, just as our progeny will be subject to our decisions as encoded in our epigenetic makeup.

I wonder then, how many other ways do we convey binding knowledge, wisdom, benefit or repercussion to our children?
Beyond the study of nature and nurture — epigenetics. At TEDxOU, Courtney Griffins uncovers how two people born with identical DNA and similar upbringings can turn out very different.
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