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"Two important features seem to appear across societies that have collapsed," reads the study. "The stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity and the economic stratification of society into Elites and Masses."

In unequal societies, researchers said, "collapse is difficult to avoid.... Elites grow and consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society."

Is our society really susceptible to a famine? I doubt many of us think this is a possibility; after all, the grocery store is always stocked. But I see two scenarios in which it's possible:

1) Food production and/or distribution is disrupted due to climate change or global conflict.

2) The "famine" is not for want of food, but for want of opportunity which is denied to the Commoners. Economic inequality leads to widespread protests, which results in societal collapse.

The onus is on the Elites to keep justice in mind, preserve as much ecological order as possible, and to give back to communities in whatever way possible.
Too much inequality and too few natural resources could leave the West vulnerable to a Roman Empire-style fall.
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Holy cow... check out this person walking their dog on the narrow shoulder of the Gardiner Expressway.

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+Daniel De Sousa That sounds entirely possible.  I hope they got home safe and sound.
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Solid environmental win. Efforts to reduce atmospheric acidity have achieved some success.

The ice is drilled in Greenland and Antarctica and is transported back home to the laboratory where it is prepared and made ready the measurements. (Credit: Paul Vallelonga, NBI)New research shows
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WaveNet won’t have immediate commercial applications because the system requires too much computational power: it has to sample the audio signal it is being trained on 16,000 times per second or more, DeepMind said. And then for each of those samples it has to form a prediction about what the soundwave should look like based on each of the prior samples. Even the DeepMind researchers acknowledged in their blog post that this "is a clearly challenging task."
Google’s DeepMind unit, which is working to develop super-intelligent computers, has created a system for machine-generated speech that it says outperforms existing technology by 50 percent.
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This is actually superb advice: Exploration will yield better results in life than simply following one's passions in youth.

In the province of Ontario, Canada, high school was reduced from 5 years to 4 years a few years after I graduated from the school system. At the time a variety of reasons were offered, from budgetary to aligning with other jurisdictions. But I was always puzzled by this decision. I took full advantage of the 5 years and explored a wider variety of courses, something I attribute to later success in life and a better understanding of my own passions. 
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This is great. Not sure what's really happening, but the captions are perfect! :-D
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Bikers are generally known for being tough, threatening individuals that you don't want to mess with. But Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) is a biker gang that uses these qualities for a truly noble purpose: providing physical and emotional support for children who have experienced abuse. Watch these guys in action in this video, they're simply amazing.
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This article features a simple income distribution graph for the U.S. and illustrative conversational snippets from people at various income levels. I can absolutely believe that everybody thinks they're the middle class.
Both the person making $22,000 and the person making $200,000.
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+Zaid El-Hoiydi Did not know about Mr. Kamprad.  That is a truly different level of frugality from anything I've ever heard.  Maybe he thought he was living in poverty rather than in the middle class?
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With the U.S. presidential election around the corner, one thing the media is under fire on is fact checking and challenging false assertions being made by political candidates. It should be no surprise that Donald Trump in particular has been very effective at getting the media to carry his message, no matter how untrue it may be.

The YouTube personality, Nerdwriter1, makes some pretty important suggestions about fact checking the candidates in real time. TV is where candidates have the greatest latitude with their comments due to the difficulty of fact checking in real time. If fact checking can be taken more seriously by media outlets then this is an opportunity to inject some sanity back into this presidential race.

There are obvious questions raised here about the role of media, with some in the news industry feeling that it's not their role to fact check, but perhaps only to act as a loudspeaker for whoever is willing to talk. In the age of information surplus, that less involved role for news media feels inadequate. 
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Tehran walls and billboards, like many cities in Iran, are covered with slogans and quotes. They used to be revolutionary-kind like:

- Death to America(all removed now)
- No west, no east, only Islamic Republic is the best
- Blood of our soldiers watered tree of the revolution

Not anymore though, now one can see quotes about quality of life and health on billboards. Today while walking to work I saw these:

- Becoming old is inevitable, staying healthy is a choice (with picture of a healthy handsome man)
- Children don't listen to you; they observe you.
-Eat dried fruit instead of going for salty, sweet or fatty snacks.
-Visiting parents brings blessing to life.

Let alone that 10 days per year hundreds of copies of famous artworks — both of world masters and Iranian artists — are plastered on some billboards across the city, transforming Tehran into a gigantic, open-air exhibition.

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